Philly Magazine and Lexus Wine Festival Winners!

I’ve written about this before, but every May at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, there is a wine event that supersedes all other wine events in the area. The Philly Magazine and Lexus Wine Festival is something all wine lovers need to experience at least once in there lifetime.

It’s held inside the Lincoln Financial Field, and wineries from all over the world attend this event. You also have some of the best restaurants in Philadelphia on hand, tempting you with delicious appetizers. One very important thing to remember. If you go, make sure you eat a hearty meal beforehand. The number of wineries that attend this event run in the hundreds, and they all have several wines to sample. Do the math!

We purchase VIP tickets to the event for a couple of reasons. First, you get in an hour and a half before the general public ticket holders. Second, you have access to the VIP lounge, where you can sample extra food and wines not available to the general public. While we were in the VIP lounge, Philly Magazine was holding a contest. Just fill out a card, drop it in a box, and you may win a fantastic prize. We never win anything, but figured, why not?

Fast forward to three weeks later. Eric is at work checking emails on his phone, and the unthinkable has happened. He won! We both could hardly believe it! The prize was an overnight stay at the wonderful Loews Hotel in Philadelphia, and dinner at Iron Chef Jose Garces’ flagship restaurant, Amada.

We obviously chose to stay at the hotel, and have dinner at Amada the same evening. It was an amazing night. The Loews Hotel is one of the finest hotels we have ever stayed at. The staff were so friendly and accommodating. We originally were given a room with two doubles beds. We asked if they had a king or queen sized room, and that we’d pay the difference. They upgraded us to a king size room, no charge! The views from the room were amazing.

After we settled into our room, we had to time to kill, so we headed downstairs to the hotel’s restaurant, Bank and Bourbon for a quick cocktail and snack before dinner. We’ve always wanted to try this place, and now was the perfect time. It was wonderful. Our bartender was fantastic, and the cocktails were delicious. We put in an order for the chicken liver parfait, which was delicious. It was served with boozy grapes, and a fruit and nut bread.

It was time to head to Amada. We have eaten here many times, but never had dinner basically taken care of for us. It was time to have fun and splurge! And splurge we did.  The service and staff at Amada have always been exceptional, and on this night, they were above and beyond amazing. They were all so friendly, and the general manager and wine sommelier stopped by several times to see how we were doing. The sommelier even joined us for a drink, but more about that later!

They started us out with a complimentary appetizer of tuna, capers, and crispy tortillas. Eric only likes ahi tuna, but really enjoyed this dish. It didn’t have a strong tuna taste that can turn off some people. The saltiness of the capers, and crunchy texture of the tortillas made it a light and flavorful appetizer.

Our next dish was the pulpo a la gallega, which is Spanish octopus. It was grilled, and served with slices of grilled potato. It was outstanding! The octopus was perfectly cooked, and seasoned exceptionally well. It’s one of our favorite tapas. We next ordered the lubina, which is Mediterranean sea bass. This was the first time we tried it, and it was delicious. It was also cooked perfectly, and the skin had a nice crispiness to it.

Our third tapas dish is one of our absolute favorites, the albondigas, which is lamb meatballs with shaved manchego cheese,  black truffle, served in a sherry sauce. This is so good that it actually brings tears to my eyes. These may be the best lamb meatballs we’ve ever eaten. Everything about this dish is amazing. The sherry sauce, manchego and truffles all pair so well with the lamb. It’s perfect.

With all of our tapas, we had a bottle of 1995 Caves Sao Joao Quinta do Poco do Lobo Arinto white wine from Beiras, Portugal. It was fantastic! It had a hint of sweetness, and paired perfectly with all of our tapas. It went really well with the lamb meatballs. The wine just elevated the flavors of the food. But the best was yet to come.

For our main course, we ordered the lobster paella. It takes 45 minutes to prepare their paella’s, so if you want this, order it right away to give them time to cook it. The lobster paella came with a cilantro, and an heirloom tomato salad, smoked paprika aioli, squid ink rice, head on shrimp, scallops, mussels, clams, split lobster tail, calamari and prawns. Let me tell you, this was Iron Chef Jose Garces’ finest dish. It was the first time we tried it, and it was beyond words. The ingredients speak for itself. It was just delicious! Everything was cooked perfectly. We paired this with a bottle of 2007 Tempranillo, Rioja Reserva, López de Heredia, Viña Bosconia. The wine went perfectly with the paella. This dish serves four, so we were more than happy to take home leftovers!

We were just going to have a glass of sherry for dessert, and we asked the sommelier for a recommendation. He selected, and joined us, for a glass of Lustau East India Solera sherry. It was fantastic! It had a beautiful color, great aroma, and the taste wasn’t too sweet. It was exactly what we were looking for. The restaurant also served us their Pintoxs, which is a selection of bite sized desserts. They consisted of a Spanish cheesecake, almond polvorone, and a chocolate cream puff. The sherry paired very well with these tasty bite sized desserts. 

It was just a wonderful evening at Amada. The staff were so friendly and kind. The wines were amazing, and the food was out of this world. It was the perfect meal. I can’t thank everyone at Amada enough for taking such good care of us, and being so attentive. It’s no wonder why this is one of our favorite restaurants in Philadelphia.

The next morning, we ordered breakfast in our hotel room. We each got an egg white omelet, which you could customize, and it was served with a side of potatoes. The breakfast was very good. It came hot, and was cooked to our exact specifications. We added a bottle of cava to wrap up our amazing staycation.

I have to thank the staff at the Loews Hotel for their exceptional service. This is a hotel I would highly recommend to anyone. I also want to thank the staff at Philly Magazine for making the reservations, and keeping in constant communication with us to make sure everything was going smoothly. We can’t wait for next year’s wine festival. You know who will be entering their contest again!


Drink Philly: Red, White & Blue boat party!!!

For those of you that enjoy boat parties, good food, awesome cocktails, and the picturesque Delaware River, Drink Philly’s boat parties are for you. Back on June 29th, they hosted a pre-Fourth of July event aboard the Spirit of Philadelphia. It was our first time on the boat, and we had a great time. It was three hours of food, wine, beer, cocktails, a live DJ, dancing and games. What more could you ask for?

The cruise started by heading south on the Delaware at a nice slow pace. The weather was perfect this evening, so many of the guests were outside taking in the wonderful views. We passed under the Walt Whitman Bridge, and could see the stadiums from afar. We got to pass the ship, MSC, that made local and national headlines. It was the ship that authorities seized over one billion dollars worth of cocaine last month. After a couple of hours, we turned around, and headed back north, going under the Ben Franklin Bridge, before turning once more to head back to dock.


During this time, we drank, ate, and drank some more! There was a wonderful signature cocktail provided by Skyy Vodka. It was a watermelon flavored vodka that wasn’t overly sweet, but tasted great on this warm summer evening. The food was served buffet style. You options included, a salad, pasta, chicken, mac and cheese, fish, broccoli, cookies and brownies. We made sure to eat something first because we knew we would be drinking our fair share.

Being out on the Delaware River, when the sun is setting, is one of the most picturesque places to be. Seeing our beautiful city bathed in the setting sun from that perspective is something I wish everyone could experience. All of this would not be possible if it wasn’t for the tireless efforts of Adam Schmidt, who runs Drink Philly. He, along with his second in command, Nina Starner, go above and beyond when it comes to cocktail events in Philadelphia. They, along with their amazing staff, and the staff of the Spirit of Philadelphia, made this one of the most enjoyable nights we have ever had.

Please, make sure you go to and check out their amazing website, and the wonderful cocktail events they have coming up. I do believe there is another boat party this month! Cheers!!!



Philadelphia Distilling: Summer Cocktails!!!

If you like really good gin cocktails, there is only one place to go, Philadelphia Distilling. They distill one of our favorite gins, Bluecoat. If you have never tried it before, I highly suggest you do. It is smooth, and has a wonderful taste. Philadelphia Distilling has always had a great cocktail menu, and a very good food menu. We noticed that they expanded their food menu, so naturally, we had to go and check it out for ourselves.

We started out with, of course, cocktails. I ordered the Virtue, Liberty, Independence. It is made with Bluecoat gin, blackberry, peach, lemon, Fever Tree tonic, and mint. Eric ordered the Treaty of Shackamaxon. That was made with Bluecoat gin, herbal liquor, maraschino liquor, cucumber and lime. We’ve had these before, and they are excellent. The drinks have such a wonderful layer of flavor, and no one flavor overpowers the other. I’m telling you. This place has the best gin cocktails in the city!

Time for some food. We started with the crispy duck wings, which were delicious! They were cooked perfectly, and when you bit into them, the meat just fell off the bone. We next ordered the salt and vinegar sunchokes. They were served with a wonderful charred jalepeno buttermilk sauce. The balance of flavors was spot on. The spiciness of the sauce paired very well with the salt and vinegar of the sunchokes.

We ordered another round of cocktails. I asked for a dirty martini, with gin of course, and Eric ordered the Mountain Laurel. That was made with Bluecoat elderflower gin, raspberry, calamansi orange, grapefruit, and sparkling wine. Once again, both tasted fantastic.

We tried a few more items off their food menu. We ordered the mushroom toast, which was out of this world! It was made with maitake and oyster mushrooms, rustic Italian bread, and truffle labneh. The bread was toasted perfectly, and the oysters and truffle paired beautifully together. We also tried their Manilla clams. This was made with house smoked jowl bacon, Calabrian chili, ginger, garlic, and served with charred bread. Once again, they knocked it out of the park. Philadelphia Distilling have really upped their food menu! All the dishes we tried so far were absolutely wonderful.

Believe it or not, we had room for two more food orders. Eric ordered their mussels, and I ordered the Smash Burger. And yet again, both were outstanding. The burger came with caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato, pickles, there own sauce, and fingerling chips. The mussels were served in a beautiful curry sauce, and came with charred bread. Everything was so good, if I could only order one thing next time, I’d be hard pressed to choose. Yes, the food was that good. Pair their food with fantastic cocktails, and you have all the makings for a wonderful experience.

We did order a few more cocktail, because they are so good here. In addition, the bartenders at Philadelphia Distilling are so friendly and engaging. Don’t be shy if you want to know more about a drink, or what the ingredients are that they are using. They will be more than happy to talk with you, and answer any questions you may have. Be sure to check out Philadelphia Distilling. They have a lot of fun events during the summer, and they also have tours of the distillery. Go to their website for more information. Cheers!


Grilled Chicken & Pasta dinner!

Some of you may wonder, does Tiffany have breakfast? Or lunch for that matter? The answer is yes, I just don’t post about it unless I’m expecting guests. Even still, I feel I don’t have to blog about every single meal. It’s nice to step back from it all, and just relax once in a while!

With that said, it’s time for dinner. We were in the mood for something simple, quick, and as always, flavorful. We did a grilled chicken, then mixed it with pasta in a wonderful sauce. If there is one thing you can take out of reading my blog, I hope it’s this. Season your food well. No matter what it is, no matter how simple your meal may be. If you season it well, it will taste great. My mother always told me this. Thanks mom! Here is what we did.

Char-grilled chicken seasonings: salt, black pepper, cayenne, dill weed, smoked paprika, Italian seasoning, oregano, and Worcestershire sauce

Pasta sauce: garlic, jalapeno peppers, shallots, salt, black pepper, smoked paprika, dill weed, Worcestershire sauce, and heavy cream

Pasta: spaghetti, basil, black pepper, and smoke paprika

We char-grilled the chicken on our cast iron skillet while cooking the pasta sauce. Once both were almost done, we put the spaghetti in boiling water to cook. Spaghetti doesn’t take long, so make sure this is the last thing you cook. Also, as a tip, season the water you boil the pasta in. Salt is traditionally used, but you can add other seasonings and spices as well. In addition, cook the pasta al dente with about 1 minute under. This will ensure that your pasta isn’t over-cooked.

Once everything was done, we put the pasta into a large bowl, and covered it with our sauce. We let the chicken rest for a few minutes, then sliced it and mixed it in with the pasta. The wine that we paired with this dish was a delicious Gabbiano red wine. With the amount of spice that I incorporated into the sauce and chicken, I wanted something that was smooth, and well-balanced. As an added bonus, the weather this evening was perfect, so we decided to dine al fresco on our balcony and enjoy the fantastic view that we have. Buona mangiata!

Fergie Dinner: Scottish Salmon and Artichoke Hearts

Not all salmon is created equal. There are differences in taste and flavor. Our favorite salmon is the Scottish salmon. It has a wonderful buttery, fatty taste, and it’s so good for you. It’s high in fat and protein, and has no carbs. It’s the only salmon we purchase when we go grocery shopping at Reading Terminal Market.

For our dinner at home this night, we paired our beautiful salmon with baked artichoke hearts. Preparing the artichoke hearts takes some time, but the end result is very worth it. But first, the salmon preparation! Very simple.

Scottish salmon: salt, black pepper, fresh dill, smoked paprika, lemon and lime slices. Add butter for moisture, water to cook through.

Artichoke hearts: Peel all the leaves off the artichoke and cut the stem to about an inch or so from the heart. With a spoon, remove the “fuzzy” choke. Put the artichokes in a zip lock bag and season with salt, black pepper, olive oil, lemon and lime juice. Mix everything in the bag really well and let it marinate for about 5 minutes or longer, if you prefer. Place all the artichoke hearts in tin foil and wrap them up.

The bake time for each item is going to vary greatly. The artichoke hearts are going to need much more time to bake to soften them up. We set the oven temperature for 400 degrees, and put the artichoke hearts in first. They need to bake for about 40 minutes. With the temperature set that high, we put the salmon in the oven with 20 minutes left for the artichoke hearts.

Once everything was done, it all came out wonderful. The salmon was cooked perfectly and tasted great. The artichoke hearts were delicious! They had a nice roasted flavor to them. It was certainly worth the prep time.

With our dinner, we paired it with a 2017 Ferguson Viognier wine. Ferguson wines are located in California, and was founded by Pat Ferguson and his daughter, Fergie, in 2006. Yes, that Fergie! We attend the Lexus and Philly Magazine Wine Festival every May at Lincoln Financial Field. This past festival, the one and only Fergie was there promoting their wines. We tried a couple of them, and found both to be delicious! We bought a couple of bottles, and got to meet Fergie, and she signed our bottles as well. We also got to take a picture with her. If you’ve never been to this wine festival and love wine, I highly suggest you go. It is the best wine festival in the Philadelphia area bar none.

If I do say so myself, this was a wonderful dinner at home. We had our favorite salmon, perfectly baked artichoke hearts, and a wonderful wine to tie it all together. Please make sure you try baking artichoke hearts at some point. Again, it takes some time to peel all the leaves off, and scrape of the “fuzzy” part, but it’s so worth it. Bon appetite!


Cuba Libre/Amada/Tinto: A Spanish journey via Philadelphia!!

Forgive me my followers for I have sinned in not posting this sooner. Monday’s are generally filled with workouts with my personal trainer. Due to the fact that Memorial Day falls on a Monday, my trainer was nice enough to let me come in on Tuesday. Yay!! No kicking of the ass!!

So, with a rare Monday off, we decided to celebrate Memorial Day Latin and Spanish style. We started at Cuba Libre to check out their mojito Monday’s. What is this you ask? Every Monday, Cuba Libre offers half price pitchers of their mojito’s and sangria’s. We decided to try their pomegranate mojito. It was made with Brinley Gold Shipwreck spiced rum and pomegranate juice. That’s it. And boy was it good! If you’re wondering the pitcher they use is small, it’s not. It’s very big. So make sure you order some food. That’s exactly what we did next.

We ordered three tapas to go with our amazing mojito. We started with the octopus a la parrilla, which is a truffle and citrus marinated grilled baby octopus, smoked potato crema, crispy garbanzo beans, and Spanish paprika. It was so delicious! The potato crema and Spanish paprika was such a wonderful combination to go with the perfectly grilled octopus. This is a dish you have to order when you come here.

We next tried the ceviche mixto. It is made with poached lobster tail, shrimp, squid, fresh coconut water, chilies, citrus, Thai basil, cucumber salsa, and coconut chips. The description of the ingredients alone should speak for itself. It was amazing. I was a wonderful, bountiful explosion of flavors.

Last, but certainly not least, was Mama Amelia’s empanadas. The empanadas here are fantastic. You get to choose two or three. Please choose all three! We did. You get pulled pork, ground beef, and hand-chopped chicken empanadas. We could eat these all day. They are that good.

Cuba Libre is just a fun, relaxing place to go for brunch, lunch or dinner. The service and staff have always been top notch whenever we have dined here. If you want an explosion of Cuba, Latin and Spanish flavors, put Cuba Libre on your list!

We next headed to another one of our favorite restaurants in the city, Amada. This is Iron Chef Jose Garces’ flagship restaurant. It opened in 2005, and is still going strong. If you want wonderful, authentic Spanish cuisine, you need to try this place. Here is a big tip for my readers, Garces’ restaurants have a fantastic happy hour menu. And as it so happens, that’s when we arrived!

We started with a glass of their wonderful sangria tinto. It is spiced red wine, with orange, apple and cinnamon. We always order this when we come here. It is delicious. The layer of spice is amazing, and it’s just so refreshing.

We ordered three tapas, and started with the pimientos de padron, which was flash fried peppers, trout roe, egg, and crispy garlic. We next ordered the chorizo Bilbao, which is paprika garlic sausage and parsley. Our third dish was aged manchego montadito, which is served with truffle lavender honey, and green apple. All three dishes were wonderful. You really can’t go wrong with anything you order here. We’ve never had a bad meal or dish at Amada. It’s no wonder why they’ve been around so long!

Our third and final stop for the day was yet another Iron Chef Jose Garces restaurant, Tinto. It’s another Spanish restaurant but the difference between Amada and Tinto is that Tinto is a Basque pintxos bar and restaurant. It’s much smaller than Amada, but really cozy and intimate. We love coming here, and we made it to their happy hour as well!

We started with their sangria tinta, which is red wine with lemon and applejack. Simple, but flavorful and delicious. We just ordered two pintxos, which if you are in northern Spain, this is what they call tapas. We ordered the montadito de mejillones, which is preserved mussels and tomato escabeche, and the albondigas, which is meatballs with piperade and manchego. Both were just delicious. The preserved mussels were amazing, and the presentation of both were sublime. We would absolutely order both pintxos again.

What we love about Tinto is that you get a true authentic taste of northern Spain. There aren’t many places in the Philadelphia were you can get this type of delicious food. Like Amada, we’ve always enjoyed the food at Tinto, and it is also one of our favorite restaurants.

We finished our Latin, Spanish food crawl on a high note. You can’t go wrong when choosing any of these three wonderful restaurants. I don’t think many people really know how fortunate we are to have so many wonderful Latin and Spanish restaurants in Philadelphia. Bienvenido!

Crab Cake Dinner: Simple and delicious!

Crab cakes are wonderful. They retain good delicate flavors, take to seasoning and spice very well, and can be made in a variety of ways. As someone of Greek heritage, crab cakes, really anything featuring seafood, will always be a staple. This is yet another version of homemade crab cakes.

This is also being recounted from memory since I wasn’t able to find the recipe!                         Portobello Crab Cakes:

Crab: Jumbo Lump meat, salt, black pepper, paprika, lemon zest and juice, and just a little bit of bread crumbs to help bind everything.

Portobello: salt, black pepper, smoked paprika, lemon juice, and olive oil.

Bake the portobello and crab cakes at 375 degrees for 30 minutes. The reason being is that the mushrooms have a lot of moisture in them, so this will help cook that out. Also, the crab cakes will get a wonderful, light crust on top.

We paired this with left over asparagus and duck breast. The wine was a wonderful Corvo Bianco white blend from Italy. It paired beautifully with everything. You can find this wine at Bistro Romano in Old City Philadelphia.

I hope you enjoy this dinner, and please do not hesitate to ask any questions! Bon Appetite!!


The Rittenhouse: Dinner and Dancing with Sharon Sable!

As many of you know, I am engaged to be married to my wonderful fiancé Eric, who has supported me and my dreams for many years. We love the Rittenhouse Hotel, and I will also be  staying at the Rittenhouse this October for our wedding. I’ll give you my review for that later in the fall. I have no doubt it will be amazing. But on to the good stuff!

In the previous post, Assembly Lounge: Weekend Edition, I got to visit the Rodin Museum for the first time, and partake in a delicious snack with my cocktail. We continued our journey to the Rittenhouse after a brief detour back home to change. It may have been a fantastic day, but it was hot!

After changing, we embarked to the Rittenhouse to visit our dear friend and head bartender at Bar 210, Amy Farrell! We were in the mood for something light, citrusy, and simple. What we got was yet another fantastic experience.

We started with a few cocktails, and had a lovely dinner. Eric ordered the Mango, which was made with Agave de Cortez Mezcal, mango, mint, and chile. This may be one of the best mescal drinks in the city! It was fantastic. I ordered the Cucumber, which was made with Hendrick’s gin, cucumber, and lavender. This too was delicious. I’ve said this before and I will say it again, Amy is one of the best bartenders in the city.

For our food order, Eric kept it very simple and ordered the grilled caesar salad. This is the Rittenhouse, so nothing is simple. Everything is delicious! The salad was absolutely amazing. It was light, fresh, and so flavorful. I ordered the Maine lobster roll that had an amazing citrus dressing, and came with a side of tarragon potato chips. My fellow readers, this was the best lobster roll I’ve ever eaten. It was packed with lobster. Look at the picture! It was cooked perfectly, and just melted in your mouth.

So while we were having dinner, we were also on a mission. A good friend of ours had a birthday dinner a few months back at Lacroix, and had an amazing dessert wine. We asked the wine sommelier, and he immediately knew what we were talking about. He brought out and gave us a taste of the wine. It was a 2008 Belcaro Vin Santo Del Chianti Classico. It was heavenly! It had a wonderful raisin flavor that was just delicious. If you can find it, buy it!

After dinner, we walked downstairs to the Rittenhouse’s Library Bar to listen to some fantastic live jazz music. Our good friend, Sharon Sable was singing this night, and once again, she was amazing. I can’t say enough about Sharon. Her voice is so soothing. Her music is so relaxing. We ordered a couple more cocktails, sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed listening to Sharon. Please make sure you look her up, and make sure you go see her live. She is wonderful!

This was a very nice night out. We had wonderful cocktails, a fantastic meal, and got to hear one of our favorite jazz singers. Pretty tough to beat a night like this. We are so blessed to be able to have nights like this. I love sharing this with all of you, and I hope if you live in Philadelphia, or ever visit, that you go to the Rittenhouse and have the same experience that we had.

Assembly Lounge:Weekend edition!

Philadelphia has many fantastic rooftop bars that one can just sit back, and soak up the wonderful summer weather with a drink. We’re lucky to have one just minutes from where we live. The Assembly Lounge is located atop the Logan Hotel, and the views of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and museum district are spectacular!

We started the afternoon by first visiting one of our city’s wonderful museums, the Rodin Museum. It was the first weekend that they opened their popup garden bar, so we decided to check it out. I had never been inside the Rodin Museum, so this was the perfect time to visit both. The museum and grounds are absolutely beautiful. The sculptures by Auguste Rodin are simply breathtaking. Outside, the garden is amazing when everything is in bloom. I highly recommend you visit this wonderful museum when you’re in Philadelphia.

After touring the museum, and having a quick drink in the beautiful popup garden bar, we headed over to the Assembly Lounge. The weather was perfect this day, and we were in the mood to soak it in some more.

There are really no bad seats or views at the Assembly Lounge. You have city hall, and center city to the right, the Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul across the street, and the museum district, including the Philadelphia Museum of Art to the left. It’s easy to spend several hours here!

Not only are the views good, but the food and cocktails are equally good. We ordered a couple of cocktails, and some small plates for a snack. I got the Lit Redemption, which was made with black tea infused Bluecoat gin, basil, lemon juice, and club soda. Eric ordered the Old Cuban, which was made with Cruzan rum, mint garapa, pineapple shrub, lime juice, and sparkling rose. Both were flavorful, refreshing, and delicious.

For food, we ordered the shrimp roll, which consisted of a poached shrimp salad, espelette peppers, chives, and a butter toasted roll. We also ordered the vegetable flatbread. Both dishes were really good. They didn’t skimp on the shrimp, and it was delicious. The flatbread was cooked perfectly, and came with onions and bell peppers.

This is a really popular spot in the city, so if you go, get there early. The place fills up quickly, but it’s a fun place to sit, relax, and take in the beautiful views the city has to offer. I can’t forget to mention the wonderful service and staff, at the Assembly Lounge as well. Every time we’ve been here, everyone has been so friendly and nice. Make sure you come here next time you’re in the area. You won’t regret it.



Grilled Lamb dinner: simply delicious!!

As many of you know, I am half Greek on my mother’s side of the family. Therefore, all of you should know the relationship that Greek’s have with lamb. It’s gamey, unctuous, and requires a lot of seasoning if one wants to mask the inherent flavor. Lamb takes well to spices and aggressive seasoning. You can bake, broil, char-grill, sauté or slow-cook it. Depending on the cut, you can marinate lamb for a few hours or a couple of days.

Because I love lamb, I make a variety of lamb dishes throughout the year. This is my marinated and grilled version.

Marinated lamb loin chops with cremini mushrooms:

Marinade: Salt, pepper, cayenne, sage, fennel seed, paprika, Geoffrey Zakarian olive oil, fresh dill, mint, garlic, cherry hot pepper, green finger hot pepper, Worcestershire sauce, onion & mushroom.

Marinate for at least one day, or do as I did and marinate the lamb for two days. If you want to add a side, asparagus, or vegetable medley with the cremini mushrooms makes a great addition.

The only wine I would recommend is something funky or spicy. Because it was during the week, we opted for water with lemon and lime slices, and a garnish of mint. Sorry that there is no photo to see!

I hope you enjoy, and let me know if you have questions, comments, likes or learns!    Bon appetite!

Tiffany “The Greek” DuBois