For the Love of Cocktails! St. George’s Spirits

For many people, making cocktails can be complicated. They can require a host of ingredients, and it can be expensive to make. I don’t mind complicated cocktails. When done properly, they are an experience like no other. I, however, have one caveat. They must be balanced! Sweet, spicy, earthy, it really doesn’t matter, but they must be balanced. Fortunately, St. George’s Spirits fulfills all my requirements and more!

This month, Morea started up a wonderful monthly food and cocktail dinner pairing. June’s dinner featured St. George’s Spirits. They are based in California and have been around since 1982. They make a variety of products including gins, vodkas, whiskeys, and liqueurs. The dinner consisted of four specialty cocktails, created by Morea’s own Billy Hines, and were paired with different main courses, followed by dessert. Having a few extra samples during the evening of their products was also really nice.

The first course was spicy smoked barbecue ribs, with a tequila barbecue sauce and coleslaw, paired with the Morning Glory cocktail. It had spiced rum, St. George Bruto Americano, St. George Nola coffee liqueur, pineapple, passion fruit, agave, and lime. This was one of the highlights of the night. The ribs were perfectly cooked, and brought out the inherent sweetness of the cocktail. Absolutely perfect for a summer or fall day. Yum.

Next, we were served a sirloin steak with roasted multi-colored cauliflower, and a red wine and beet reduction. It was paired with a Spiced Pear Martini. It was a foodgasm waiting to happen. This cocktail contained St. George spiced pear liquor, St. George California citrus vodka, honey, lemon, and smoked rosemary. It was like the fall season in a glass, but paired with the steak, it was lovely. The steak was perfectly cooked, and I absolutely loved the cauliflower.

Our last savory course was the pre-cursor to one of the best tasting desserts we’ve ever had. It was a Chili Lemonade paired with a mahi-mahi taco! The taco came with iceberg lettuce, avocado, pico de gallo chipotle sauce, and micro greens on a homemade corn tortilla. The Chili Lemonade consisted of St. George chili vodka, St. George Breaking and Entering whiskey, agave, and lemon. This was summer on a plate. The mahi-mahi flaked beautifully, and combined with the chili spice, it was one of the best taco’s that Eric and I had ever eaten. It reminded us of the taco’s we had in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, during Eric’s birthday trip last year. It was absolutely fantastic!

For dessert, we had the Revolver cocktail. It was made with St. George Breaking and Entering whiskey, St. George Nola coffee liqueur, bitters, and agave. This was paired with a Deep Fried Delight. It was Oreos filled with a Reese Cup, then deep fried in a funnel cake batter. It was rich, chocolatey, and a fantastic way to end the night. The cocktail paired perfectly with this amazing dessert.

Morea’s plan is to host these events once a month. I encourage all of you to come out, drink fantastic cocktails, eat fantastic food, and have a great time. On July 19th, the theme is “tiki”, and the featured liquor is going to be Don Q rum. Eric and I immediately bought our tickets! Don Q is our favorite rum and holds a special place in our hearts. Eric was born in Puerto Rico, and that is the rum of choice the islanders drink. Get your tickets by clicking here, and see the flyer below for more info. The Don Q rum dinner pairing is sure to sell out!

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