JG Sky High bar: Sky’s the limit!

Not too long ago, the Four Seasons Hotel reopened again in Philadelphia. This time, they are located in the second Comcast Building on the 60th floor. When you first arrive, you are greeted by a staff that goes above and beyond to make you feel welcome. When you tell them that you want to go to the JG Sky High bar, someone will lead you to a glass elevator that will take you up 60 floors to your destination. The views on the way up are just breathtaking. Once you get off the elevator, the journey is just beginning.

The lobby area is just gorgeous. Marble flooring, natural light, and big, white flowers everywhere just leave you in awe. But the best is yet to come. Once you walk out to the bar and lounge area, you’ll need a couple of minutes to take it all in. It’s absolutely amazing. Floor to ceiling windows surround you in every direction. The views of the city and suburbs go on forever. The interior decor is just as amazing. Again, flowers adorn the bar and lounge areas. Mirrors on the ceiling reflect the stunning views of the city. It’s something everyone should experience at least once.

We were lucky enough to come here twice in the last few weeks. Once, for a networking event, and the second time, we met up with our good friends Connor and Selena. But you don’t need an excuse to come here or a reservation! If you want to go to the bar area, reservations are not necessary. You may have to wait to get in depending on what time you go, but the wait will be worth it. If you want to eat at the adjacent restaurant, I highly recommend a reservation.

The bar menu items that we’ve tried so far have been the mushroom pizza, which is made with three cheeses and a farm egg garlic parsley oil, an heirloom tomato salad, and the beef sliders, to name a few. Trust me when I say, you can order anything on the menu and it will be delicious. Perfectly cooked, beautifully presented, and it will taste great.

The beer, wine and cocktail menu is equally impressive. As luck would happen, they carry one of our favorite wines. It’s the Chateau Font-Merlet Bordeaux Superior, and it is absolutely delicious. We were worried about the prices when we first came here, but they are really reasonable, especially for the Four Seasons Hotel. You will be pleasantly surprised at what they charge for food and drinks, at least at the bar. We haven’t tried the restaurant yet but hope to in the future.

Trust me when I say this place is very popular. Get here early to claim a spot and enjoy the food, drinks, and view. I can’t talk enough about the views! They are just stunning, especially at night. This has instantly become one of our favorite places to go for happy hour. Once you visit, you will see why.

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