A mid-day snack and brunch at Lia’s!

As most of you know, I love a variety of cuisines. French, Italian, Spanish, Asian, it’s all good. There is nothing like having a perfectly prepared meal to brighten up one’s day or night. While in Bethesda to visit some dear friends, we decided to go out for an early evening snack, as we were going to have dinner with our friend Salil and his family later on in the evening. We wanted to have something light to tie us over for our late-night dinner as Salil’s family is Indian, and most Indian family dinners are a feast. Curries take time to make properly, and making pitas from scratch is very time-consuming.

Lia’s was a ten minute walk from our hotel, so we went for their happy hour. Let me tell you, not two minutes after we sat down at the bar, the whole place filled up! We started with a few drinks. I had the Mule of the month which has watermelon vodka, jalapeño syrup, and Q Drinks ginger beer. The ginger beer is made in-house, according to their bartender and the manager on duty. It was fantastic! A lovely blending of sweet, spice and ginger to cleanse the palate. Eric had the mule as well.

I then decided to try out their Espresso Martini to wake me up! This was also delicious. It packed quite a punch, and you could smell the espresso before you drank it. For a snack, we split an order of their crispy calamari, served with a lemon aioli. If the drinks weren’t impressive enough, the calamari was amazing. It wasn’t overly fried or too heavy with the breading. It was perfect. We enjoyed ourselves here so much that we decided to come back the next morning for brunch.

We arrived the next morning for brunch, and were greeting by their friendly hostess that seated us promptly. The dining room was beautiful. It was big and spacious. We started out with an order of their crispy Brussel sprouts, served with a lemon zest and parmesan cheese. They were delicious. It was perfectly crispy and had the right amount of lemon.

For our entrees, Eric ordered the lobster and asparagus frittata, served with cheddar cheese, arugula and tomato salad, with a lemon vinaigrette. I ordered the lamb burger. It was served with feta cheese, tomato, black olives, oregano aioli, on an herb pita. Both dishes were out of this world. The frittata was big, and loaded with lobster and asparagus. The lobster was cooked perfectly. My burger was one of the best lamb burgers I’ve ever tasted. It was perfectly cooked. The feta was blended with the lamb so you got that salty, pungent flavor in every bite. It was wonderful!

Lia’s was a wonderful find. The staff were so friendly. They made us feel very welcomed. The food and drinks were fantastic! Bethesda is such a cool town. There are so many restaurants, shops, and bars to try out. Your most difficult decision will be which to choose. Here’s a tip. Go to Lia’s! Cheers!

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