Drink Philly: Red, White & Blue boat party!!!

For those of you that enjoy boat parties, good food, awesome cocktails, and the picturesque Delaware River, Drink Philly’s boat parties are for you. Back on June 29th, they hosted a pre-Fourth of July event aboard the Spirit of Philadelphia. It was our first time on the boat, and we had a great time. It was three hours of food, wine, beer, cocktails, a live DJ, dancing and games. What more could you ask for?

The cruise started by heading south on the Delaware at a nice slow pace. The weather was perfect this evening, so many of the guests were outside taking in the wonderful views. We passed under the Walt Whitman Bridge, and could see the stadiums from afar. We got to pass the ship, MSC, that made local and national headlines. It was the ship that authorities seized over one billion dollars worth of cocaine last month. After a couple of hours, we turned around, and headed back north, going under the Ben Franklin Bridge, before turning once more to head back to dock.


During this time, we drank, ate, and drank some more! There was a wonderful signature cocktail provided by Skyy Vodka. It was a watermelon flavored vodka that wasn’t overly sweet, but tasted great on this warm summer evening. The food was served buffet style. You options included, a salad, pasta, chicken, mac and cheese, fish, broccoli, cookies and brownies. We made sure to eat something first because we knew we would be drinking our fair share.

Being out on the Delaware River, when the sun is setting, is one of the most picturesque places to be. Seeing our beautiful city bathed in the setting sun from that perspective is something I wish everyone could experience. All of this would not be possible if it wasn’t for the tireless efforts of Adam Schmidt, who runs Drink Philly. He, along with his second in command, Nina Starner, go above and beyond when it comes to cocktail events in Philadelphia. They, along with their amazing staff, and the staff of the Spirit of Philadelphia, made this one of the most enjoyable nights we have ever had.

Please, make sure you go to DrinkPhilly.com and check out their amazing website, and the wonderful cocktail events they have coming up. I do believe there is another boat party this month! Cheers!!!



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