Grilled Chicken & Pasta dinner!

Some of you may wonder, does Tiffany have breakfast? Or lunch for that matter? The answer is yes, I just don’t post about it unless I’m expecting guests. Even still, I feel I don’t have to blog about every single meal. It’s nice to step back from it all, and just relax once in a while!

With that said, it’s time for dinner. We were in the mood for something simple, quick, and as always, flavorful. We did a grilled chicken, then mixed it with pasta in a wonderful sauce. If there is one thing you can take out of reading my blog, I hope it’s this. Season your food well. No matter what it is, no matter how simple your meal may be. If you season it well, it will taste great. My mother always told me this. Thanks mom! Here is what we did.

Char-grilled chicken seasonings: salt, black pepper, cayenne, dill weed, smoked paprika, Italian seasoning, oregano, and Worcestershire sauce

Pasta sauce: garlic, jalapeno peppers, shallots, salt, black pepper, smoked paprika, dill weed, Worcestershire sauce, and heavy cream

Pasta: spaghetti, basil, black pepper, and smoke paprika

We char-grilled the chicken on our cast iron skillet while cooking the pasta sauce. Once both were almost done, we put the spaghetti in boiling water to cook. Spaghetti doesn’t take long, so make sure this is the last thing you cook. Also, as a tip, season the water you boil the pasta in. Salt is traditionally used, but you can add other seasonings and spices as well. In addition, cook the pasta al dente with about 1 minute under. This will ensure that your pasta isn’t over-cooked.

Once everything was done, we put the pasta into a large bowl, and covered it with our sauce. We let the chicken rest for a few minutes, then sliced it and mixed it in with the pasta. The wine that we paired with this dish was a delicious Gabbiano red wine. With the amount of spice that I incorporated into the sauce and chicken, I wanted something that was smooth, and well-balanced. As an added bonus, the weather this evening was perfect, so we decided to dine al fresco on our balcony and enjoy the fantastic view that we have. Buona mangiata!

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