Fergie Dinner: Scottish Salmon and Artichoke Hearts

Not all salmon is created equal. There are differences in taste and flavor. Our favorite salmon is the Scottish salmon. It has a wonderful buttery, fatty taste, and it’s so good for you. It’s high in fat and protein, and has no carbs. It’s the only salmon we purchase when we go grocery shopping at Reading Terminal Market.

For our dinner at home this night, we paired our beautiful salmon with baked artichoke hearts. Preparing the artichoke hearts takes some time, but the end result is very worth it. But first, the salmon preparation! Very simple.

Scottish salmon: salt, black pepper, fresh dill, smoked paprika, lemon and lime slices. Add butter for moisture, water to cook through.

Artichoke hearts: Peel all the leaves off the artichoke and cut the stem to about an inch or so from the heart. With a spoon, remove the “fuzzy” choke. Put the artichokes in a zip lock bag and season with salt, black pepper, olive oil, lemon and lime juice. Mix everything in the bag really well and let it marinate for about 5 minutes or longer, if you prefer. Place all the artichoke hearts in tin foil and wrap them up.

The bake time for each item is going to vary greatly. The artichoke hearts are going to need much more time to bake to soften them up. We set the oven temperature for 400 degrees, and put the artichoke hearts in first. They need to bake for about 40 minutes. With the temperature set that high, we put the salmon in the oven with 20 minutes left for the artichoke hearts.

Once everything was done, it all came out wonderful. The salmon was cooked perfectly and tasted great. The artichoke hearts were delicious! They had a nice roasted flavor to them. It was certainly worth the prep time.

With our dinner, we paired it with a 2017 Ferguson Viognier wine. Ferguson wines are located in California, and was founded by Pat Ferguson and his daughter, Fergie, in 2006. Yes, that Fergie! We attend the Lexus and Philly Magazine Wine Festival every May at Lincoln Financial Field. This past festival, the one and only Fergie was there promoting their wines. We tried a couple of them, and found both to be delicious! We bought a couple of bottles, and got to meet Fergie, and she signed our bottles as well. We also got to take a picture with her. If you’ve never been to this wine festival and love wine, I highly suggest you go. It is the best wine festival in the Philadelphia area bar none.

If I do say so myself, this was a wonderful dinner at home. We had our favorite salmon, perfectly baked artichoke hearts, and a wonderful wine to tie it all together. Please make sure you try baking artichoke hearts at some point. Again, it takes some time to peel all the leaves off, and scrape of the “fuzzy” part, but it’s so worth it. Bon appetite!


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