The Rittenhouse: Dinner and Dancing with Sharon Sable!

As many of you know, I am engaged to be married to my wonderful fiancé Eric, who has supported me and my dreams for many years. We love the Rittenhouse Hotel, and I will also be  staying at the Rittenhouse this October for our wedding. I’ll give you my review for that later in the fall. I have no doubt it will be amazing. But on to the good stuff!

In the previous post, Assembly Lounge: Weekend Edition, I got to visit the Rodin Museum for the first time, and partake in a delicious snack with my cocktail. We continued our journey to the Rittenhouse after a brief detour back home to change. It may have been a fantastic day, but it was hot!

After changing, we embarked to the Rittenhouse to visit our dear friend and head bartender at Bar 210, Amy Farrell! We were in the mood for something light, citrusy, and simple. What we got was yet another fantastic experience.

We started with a few cocktails, and had a lovely dinner. Eric ordered the Mango, which was made with Agave de Cortez Mezcal, mango, mint, and chile. This may be one of the best mescal drinks in the city! It was fantastic. I ordered the Cucumber, which was made with Hendrick’s gin, cucumber, and lavender. This too was delicious. I’ve said this before and I will say it again, Amy is one of the best bartenders in the city.

For our food order, Eric kept it very simple and ordered the grilled caesar salad. This is the Rittenhouse, so nothing is simple. Everything is delicious! The salad was absolutely amazing. It was light, fresh, and so flavorful. I ordered the Maine lobster roll that had an amazing citrus dressing, and came with a side of tarragon potato chips. My fellow readers, this was the best lobster roll I’ve ever eaten. It was packed with lobster. Look at the picture! It was cooked perfectly, and just melted in your mouth.

So while we were having dinner, we were also on a mission. A good friend of ours had a birthday dinner a few months back at Lacroix, and had an amazing dessert wine. We asked the wine sommelier, and he immediately knew what we were talking about. He brought out and gave us a taste of the wine. It was a 2008 Belcaro Vin Santo Del Chianti Classico. It was heavenly! It had a wonderful raisin flavor that was just delicious. If you can find it, buy it!

After dinner, we walked downstairs to the Rittenhouse’s Library Bar to listen to some fantastic live jazz music. Our good friend, Sharon Sable was singing this night, and once again, she was amazing. I can’t say enough about Sharon. Her voice is so soothing. Her music is so relaxing. We ordered a couple more cocktails, sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed listening to Sharon. Please make sure you look her up, and make sure you go see her live. She is wonderful!

This was a very nice night out. We had wonderful cocktails, a fantastic meal, and got to hear one of our favorite jazz singers. Pretty tough to beat a night like this. We are so blessed to be able to have nights like this. I love sharing this with all of you, and I hope if you live in Philadelphia, or ever visit, that you go to the Rittenhouse and have the same experience that we had.

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