Harper’s Garden: A refreshing oasis

There are a few restaurants that we have walked by many times, and said that we need to try them out. Harper’s Garden was definitely on the list. We were in the mood for a mid-day snack, and decided to finally go there.

Harper’s Garden is located a few blocks from Rittenhouse Square, but in a spot where you’d least expect it. It’s a wonderful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the city, even though it’s located in center city. The outdoor seating area is absolutely gorgeous. They do have indoor seating as well. The veranda is huge, and surrounded by plants and flowers. When the weather is good, this is the perfect outdoor spot.

We started off with a couple of glasses of white wine. I ordered the Tangent sauvignon blanc from California. Eric ordered the Txakoli from Txakolina, Spain. Both were fantastic, refreshing and light. We paired it with their market oysters, Moroccan lamb meatballs, and grilled hallumi salad. Everything paired beautifully. The oysters were fresh and delicious. The Moroccan lamb meatballs were so good. They were well seasoned and cooked perfectly. The salad was amazing. It came with radish, beans, and a lemon-oregano vinaigrette. The food menu is really impressive. It’s creative and innovative.

As we were enjoying our plates, we couldn’t help but notice some amazing cocktails at other tables. We love our cocktails, so we had to try a couple. Eric ordered the Lazy Day Bouquet, which was made with Bluecoat gin, St. Germain elderflower, basil, lemon, and egg white. It was fantastic. I ordered the Liquid Persuasion, which was made with butterfly pea infused Tanqueray 10, Lillet Blanc, cucumber, mint, and lime. Not only was the presentation amazing, but it tasted great. The color alone was a topic of conversation because the couple sitting next to us wanted to know what I ordered! It was so good that Eric ordered one after he finished his cocktail.

Harper’s Garden is a restaurant not to be missed. With summer upon us, this is a wonderful place to sit outside in a garden oasis, and enjoy some really good food, wine, and cocktails. In my opinion, they get top marks for all three. The staff and service were also top notch. It took a while for us to try them, but it won’t be long before we’re back!

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