Cooper’s Hawk: Perfect as usual!

I have written many blog posts about Cooper’s Hawk Winery in Annapolis, Maryland. The ambience, friendliness of the staff, selection of wine, you name it, I have talked about it. One of the many reason’s we keep going back is because we love our wine membership, and the quality and uniqueness of the wines. To top it off, their restaurant is one of the best!

Every couple of months, we will go pick up our bottles of wine we have reserved. The closest location to us, as previously mentioned, is about two hours away in Annapolis, Maryland. Back in April, we had about a case to pick up, and decided to make a day out of it. As usual, everyone that we encountered were wonderful! The wines that we picked up were fantastic, but we needed to eat something. So, upstairs we went to their wonderful restaurant.

The restaurant was almost filled to capacity, so we sat in the bar area first. We each started with a sangria-tini, made with Remy Martin VSOP, red sangria, bitters, soda, and caramelized orange as the garnish. I honestly cannot believe it has taken me almost three years to try this drink! It was a lovely balance of sweet, acidic, and perfectly balanced wine.

After we were seated, the next thing to figure out was what to eat! In addition to the warm pretzel bread that they always serve guests, we decided to go Asian for our starter. Sashimi is such a delicate thing, but we wanted to try something new. Normally we would have picked the ahi tuna taco’s, but we went with the Asian ahi tuna sashimi. The tuna was served raw with a ponzu-ginger vinaigrette, avocado, radish, wasabi cream and Sriracha. It was a delicious plate of spice, acidity, and richness.

Next, we ordered our entrees. I ordered their red wine braised short ribs with oven-roasted vegetables, Mary’s potatoes, grainy dijon mustard butter, and crispy onion strings. Eric ordered their potato-crusted scallops with a Brussel sprout salad, candied applewood bacon, grainy dijon mustard butter and shaved parmesan.  Each entree was delicious, meticulously put together, and paired beautifully with our sangria-tini’s. For dessert, we split the Cooper’s Hawk chocolate cake. It is made with Valrhona chocolate, hazelnut ganache, vanilla ice cream and garnished with a fresh leaf of mint. It was the perfect way to end a fantastic meal.

For those of you new to my blog, welcome, and expect to see more blog posts about Cooper’s Hawk Winery. If they ever come to the City of Brotherly Love, they will definitely be competition for the many restaurants in the city. On a side note, the winery has many locations throughout the United States. There is another location in Maryland, located in Rockville. Be sure to check their website out and see if there is one near you. If there is, be sure to go! You will fall in love with their wines and food as much as we have.

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