Art in the Age: Bartender takeover with Nathan Weigert

Art in the Age is a wonderful home bar supply shop, that also has a tasting room in the back of the store. When you walk in, it is a feast for the senses. There are unique spirits and bitters everywhere. If they don’t have what you are looking for, it probably doesn’t exist. They also provide educational workshops, tastings, and home mixology training.

Speaking of tastings, just a few days ago, Art in the Age opened their doors, and bar, to one of the best mixologists in the city, Nathan Weigert. It was part of their January wellness drink focus. Nowadays, there are so many pre-made mixes for cocktails to make our lives easier and simpler. But honestly, you’re really not saving that much time and money. It isn’t that difficult to use all natural ingredients when mixing cocktails. Trust me when I say, you will taste the difference. Nathan showed us this evening, how easy it was to use real flavors, and what nutriments came with these flavors. Who could turn down healthy cocktails?

The event was free, all you needed to do was RSVP. You paid for whatever you had to drink. There were four delicious cocktails on the menu, all created by Nathan. We tried all of them and they were fantastic. My favorite was the Antioxmo, or Antioxidant Cosmopolitan. It was made with goji-infused Powderhorn Vodka, Von Humboldt’s Tamarind Cordial, lime, pomegranate (sweetened with pomegranate molasses), and macerated goji berry garnish. It was so good! It takes the cosmo to another level. The goji berries and pomegranate just intensified the flavors. It will be hard to drink a regular cosmo again.

Eric started with the Stonefruit Sour. It was made with Kinsey Bourbon, AITA Apricot Rye Whiskey, lemon, peach, almond milk, honey syrup, and dried apricot garnish. This was his favorite. The bourbon and apricot rye whiskey kept the drink perfectly balanced. It was delicious. You see the ingredient list? It’s not that difficult to make, and it’s good for you!

The other two cocktails were equally delicious, and were packed with nutrients that are good for you. There was the Snappy Gin Fizz that was made with Tamworth Garden Gin, a pea/arugula/mint puree, lemon, ripple pea milk, aquafaba, soda, and a snap pea garnish. It was so good. Never hear of ripple pea milk? Neither had we. Nathan told us you can find it at Whole Foods, and you could use it in a variety of cocktails, like a milk punch for instance.

For you Kentucky Derby fans, he also created a Green Julep. It was made with rye, green apple, celery, lemon, honey syrup, cinnamon, and a celery green garnish. This really spoiled us when it comes to julep’s. We would love to be drinking these come derby day! And you know what, why can’t we? Again, the ingredients are simple and can be found at any grocery store. We’ll give it a shot and let you know how they turned out.

Simple, nutritious, and flavor were the themes of the evening, and Nathan hit it out of the park. All his drinks were amazing. He truly loves what he does, and it shows in his cocktails. He is also super friendly! No matter how busy it got, he was always checking on the patrons, asking how they liked their drinks.

We care so much today about the food we eat, we should also care about the cocktails we drink. If you’re one of those that purchases pre-made mixes and powders, please stop! Yes, they are quick and easy, but full of chemicals and preservatives. Take another look at the ingredients Nathan used in his cocktails. They are not that hard to get, and the cocktails are not that hard to make. Don’t be intimidated when making cocktails. Experiment, but most of all, have fun. It might take you a few minutes longer to make a drink with all natural ingredients, but your body, tastebuds, and friends will thank you for it.



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