Arnaud’s-Timeless and Magical!

It was a bittersweet walk to our next destination, knowing this was our last night in the French Quarter. But, we were ending on a very high note. We were heading to Arnaud’s and their French 75 Bar. It’s another historic restaurant in New Orleans, and one you have to go to when visiting.

When we walked into the bar, we were speechless. It was gorgeous! There was a beautiful, dark wood bar on one side, and separate cozy seating on the other. It was breathtaking. We sat in a cozy corner in the back of the bar, and were promptly greeted by the head of the bar staff, Christoph. Eric, of course, ordered the French 75, which was made with Courvoisier VS, sugar, lemon juice, and Moet and Chandon. It was fantastic! Trust me when I say, Arnaud’s only uses top shelf ingredients. I ordered a champagne cocktail which was wonderful. It was so light, smooth and flavorful.

We told Christoph that we had just come from Antoine’s, and that they told us we had to order the soufflé potatoes. He was so nice, and he put the order in for us on the house. Southern hospitality folks! It’s everywhere in New Orleans. When the potatoes came out, we were again speechless. They were beautiful. They looked like little pillows, filled inside with air. The secret to this is that the potatoes have to be constantly agitated while frying. The dish came with a Béarnaise sauce for dipping, and it was delicious. We understood why the folks at Antoine’s recommended this.

After a couple of more cocktails, we asked to be seated in their dining room because there was one drink we absolutely had to try, the Café Brulot. When you are in the French Quarter, you have to order this. Please promise me you will? Café Brulot means burnt brandy. Its Arnaud’s famous after dinner drink that is made table side only. They set brandy and Curacao on fire, then ladle the flaming liquid over a peeled orange that had been covered with cloves. Coffee is then added, along with other spices. It is quite a show, and certainly captured the attention of all the other patrons. When the people sitting at the table next to us asked what we ordered, we coyly said, coffee! This was the best coffee we’ve ever had. It was delicious, and served in a beautiful sugar-rimmed glass.

What a way to end the evening. The drinks and staff at Arnaud’s were fantastic. There are so many places that we have to go back to when we return to New Orleans, but Arnaud’s is on the absolute must list. We can’t wait to stay longer and have, what will be no doubt, a fantastic meal. I would like to extend a special shout-out to Christoph and Aaron for a wonderful experience! We cannot wait to come back again.


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