Willa Jean-The queen of biscuits!

A new day dawned in the French Quarter. We had survived our first day! Our itinerary was basically the same as yesterday. We would have breakfast, then continue to explore the fantastic restaurants and shops in the French Quarter. Our same friend that recommended Bayona for dinner, also recommended Willa Jean for breakfast. She swore that they had the best biscuits in the city. And you what to know something? She was right!

Willa Jean is located just outside the French Quarter, in the business district of New Orleans. The restaurant decor is beautiful. It’s rustic, yet modern, but also cozy and inviting. The staff, like everyone in New Orleans that we had encountered so far, were super friendly. We were ready for a hearty breakfast because we had a list of bars and happy hours that we needed to check out today. Willa Jean did not disappoint.

If you want a delicious, flavorful, and super filling breakfast, you have to come here. Everything was absolutely fantastic. We decided to start with a bottle of cava. Here’s a tip, ordering a bottle is usually cheaper than ordering by the glass, depending on how much you plan on drinking of course. The cava really good. For those who don’t know, cava is Spanish champagne or sparkling wine. If you have never tried it, I highly recommend it. For an appetizer, I ordered their granola, yogurt, and seasonal fruit snack. It was delicious. It was the perfect portion and well balanced. It was a nice little pick me up to start off the day.

Our entrees were absolutely stunning. Willa Jean is famous for their biscuits and we now saw why. I ordered the sausage, egg, pimento cheese and biscuit dish. The presentation was beautiful. A perfectly cooked sunny side up egg, over a sausage patty that was the size of a hamburger, all over a perfectly golden brown biscuit. It was delicious! The sausage was very well seasoned and the biscuit was so light and flaky. It was perfect.

Eric ordered the WJ Breakfast. It was two eggs any style, cheese grits, bacon and a biscuit. This was truly a work of art. Like my plate, everything was cooked perfectly. The cheese grits were simply amazing. They were smooth and creamy. I recommend you do what he did. Cut that beautiful biscuit in two, put an egg on each half, add a slice of bacon, and pour some cheese grits all over it. Each bite was a slice of heaven.

Once again, our friend’s recommendation was a smashing success. Willa Jean has it all. It’s in a nice spot in the business district, the food is absolutely delicious, and the staff are among the friendliest you will ever encounter. This place is an absolute must when you visit New Orleans.

Once we were finished with our breakfast, we decided to walk it off to our next destination. We were heading back towards the French Quarter but we had to stop at one place in particular. Stay turned readers. Our second day is just getting started!


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