Village Whiskey- Foodgasm burgers and cocktails!

Village Whiskey is the brainchild of Iron Chef Jose Garces. If you crave a fantastic burger and amazing cocktails, you need to come here. One warning though. This place fills up fast so make a reservation or be prepared to wait for a bit. But don’t give up trying to get in, the wait is more than worth it. The restaurant is small but really cozy.

Every month they come out with a “burger of the month” and they always are amazing. For December, the burger of the month is their Felices Fiestas Burger which is made with honey glazed pork belly, broccoli rabe, provolone fondue and garlic aioli. This is a dangerous burger. Here’s why. If you order it medium, which we prefer for any burger, once you squeeze and then unhinge your jaw to take a bite, the juices just flow freely. I can never open my jaw big enough to take one full bite. That’s how big and thick these burger’s are served. The burger patty is a perfect half pound of tallness and flavor. Then you add in the broccoli rabe, provolone fondue and garlic aioli and you have heaven on a bun. Let the juices run on your plate because you’re definitely going to want to dunk your burger in them as you continue to eat.

And of course, you need fries to go with your burger. But not just any ordinary fries. Village Whiskey has duck fat fries that are amazing. They are cooked perfectly and you can taste the duck fat in every bite. I’m getting a craving for them as I’m writing this article! Yes, they are that good. Plus, one of the thing’s that I love about these fries is how large they are!

So if there is a burger of the month, you need a cocktail of the month, right? Don’t worry, Village Whiskey has you covered. The cocktail of the month is a spicy gingerbread man made with 2 ginger whiskey, jalapeño bitters, grapefruit juice and chili-infused honey. It is the perfect balance of spicy and smoothness that I love! Anything with a kick to it is one of my favorite things and this definitely has a great spicy kick to it.

Village Whiskey is a very popular place in Philadelphia. The food, drinks and atmosphere are always fantastic. There are a couple of places we go to when we crave a perfect burger and this place is always on our list. But remember, it fills up real fast so make a reservation or go early and try to avoid the rush. You’ll be glad you did!

4 thoughts on “Village Whiskey- Foodgasm burgers and cocktails!

  1. Absolutely the best burger I have ever had! I was worried this place might change (not sure if you are up on all the latest regarding Jose Garces – but many of his joints are closing or changing after he had to sell his company to a larger corporation…though he still “works” for them and one hopes the popular places keep chugging along without customers knowing anything happened on the business side) – so glad to hear it hasn’t! I didn’t realize they took reservations either (that was always what kept my wife and I away from trying to hit this place up – the knowledge that it’s always busy). We shall have to make reservations soon and hop on the Patco.

    Tinto, next door (or around the corner) is amazing, if you haven’t tried it already. As is Amada in Olde City of course. I’m a huge Garces fan!

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