Royal Boucherie- Quiet Deliciousness

Royal Boucherie is a wonderful restaurant in Old City Philadelphia. It’s located in a historic building that just adds to the charm of the restaurant. When you walk in, it’s so cozy and quaint, you don’t want to leave. It’s a perfect place to unwind, relax and enjoy a fantastic meal. They recently started serving brunch so we had to give them a try.

The menu has a heavy French flair about it and that was perfectly fine with us. We started with some fresh coffee and a couple of cocktails. I ordered the Kir Royale which is a French classic. It’s made with creme de cassis and prosecco and it was wonderful. A perfect cocktail to start the morning. Eric stuck with the coffee theme and ordered the Mo’ Joe Cocktail which is made with averna, house coffee liquor, sweet vermouth and vanilla. It was delicious. It was a perfect balance of vanilla, coffee flavor not too bitter or sweet.

We then put an order in for two appetizers, the foie gras terrine and a half dozen east coast oysters. Both were absolutely delicious. The foie gras was served with mead gelee and pickled cherries. It was a wonderful balance of flavors. You got the sweetness of the cherries but the rich, buttery taste of the foie gras. We loved how they plated the oysters. They write on clothesline pins which oysters are which. We had three different types, Wianno, Malpeque and Wellfleet. All of them were so good! They didn’t have a briny taste at all and were shucked and cleaned perfectly.

Next up was our wonderful entrees. I ordered poached eggs which were served with a brown butter hollandaise sauce, Canadian bacon and potatoes. It was perfect. Everything was cooked spot on. The eggs were so light and flavorful. The potatoes were hot and seasoned just right. Eric ordered the eggs en cocotte. The dish is named for the ramekins that the eggs are cook in. It was made with pork belly and cheek, oyster mushrooms, béchamel sauce and smoked cheddar cheese. Wow! My fellow readers, you have to order this! It was absolutely amazing. It was loaded with pork and was so tender. When you mixed it all together it was heavenly. The béchamel together with the smoked cheddar and oyster mushrooms was the perfect combination and balance of flavors. Eric said this was so good that he’d be hard pressed to order something else next time we came here for brunch! It was that good folks!

With our entrees, we ordered a couple more cocktails. Eric got the Philadelphia Fish House Punch was made with Jamaican rum, Lindy cognac, peach vignette, lemon and sugar. This was an amazing cocktail. The balance of the rum and cognac was so good, especially the cognac. We have to find the Lindy brand! I ordered their Bloody Mary and it too was delicious. I love a good Bloody Mary with brunch and this was textbook perfect. We decided to split a dessert and ordered the lemon curd panna cotta. It was a perfect size for sharing and it was delicious. It had the right amount of lemon flavor so it didn’t overpower the dish. It was light, smooth and creamy.

We had absolutely zero complaints with our brunch. Everything from the service, decor, food and drinks were perfect. You have to try Royal Boucherie for brunch! The restaurant is so cozy and charming and when you add a great meal on top of that, you have perfection. Bon appetite!

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