Zeppoli-Old World Italian cuisine

If you are like me, you love Italian food. I mean, who doesn’t? Philadelphia has many fantastic Italian restaurants but a good friend of ours told us about one place in Collingswood, New Jersey that we absolutely had to try. We agreed on one condition, that she had to come with us. We knew that wouldn’t be a problem! She and her boyfriend met us there. The restaurant is called Zeppoli and you need to go as soon as possible!

I’m not sure where to begin! Zeppoli was amazing from start to finish. It’s a small place, it only seats 35 so you have to make a reservation because it fills up quickly. When you walk in, it’s like a step back in time. It’s small but quaint. No frills but cozy. They let the food do the talking and trust me when I say the food doesn’t just talk, it screams delicious! Also, it’s a BYOB so the prices are super reasonable. So, bring your favorite wines and prepare to enjoy an incredible Italian meal.

The four of us started out with their amazing Antipasto Siciliano. Everything is grown fresh and you can certainly taste the freshness. We next ordered for the table the Gnocchi alla’ Argentina which is spinach and ricotta gnocchi topped with Sicilian caciocavallo and the Pesto Trapanase which is Sicilian style fusilli pasta with almond-pistachio pesto from the town of Trapani. Let me start with the gnocchi. I love gnocchi. I’ve eaten gnocchi many times. The gnocchi at Zeppoli is like no other I have ever had. It was absolutely delicious! It literally melted in your mouth. It was so smooth, creamy and fresh. We were there over a week ago and I’m still thinking about their gnocchi. The Pesto Trapanase was so amazing, we almost fought over licking the plate. The pasta was cooked perfectly and the pesto sauce was the best I’ve ever had. I could eat the pesto sauce alone and be more than happy. Now on to the entrees.

For my entree, I ordered the Pesce Spada all Griglia which is marinated and grilled swordfish served with lemon and olive oil. Oh my God! Words can’t describe how amazing and delicious this was. It didn’t taste like fish at all. It had a wonderful charred taste and was served with a wonderful fennel salad. Again, it was incredible. Eric ordered their Bistecca Enna which is marinated rib-eye steak, cooked medium rare,  served with arugula and tomato salad. The rib-eye was cooked perfectly and melted in your mouth when you bite into it. You can always tell if meat is cooked medium rare when you cut into it. As Eric sliced his first piece, he had a big smile on his face. He said he knew this was going to be delicious even before he took his first bite. He was spot on. It was fantastic. The arugula and tomato salad was the perfect side to the rib-eye. It was a perfect balance of lightness and flavor. Our friends Randee and Chris ordered the specials. They got the durade and the cheese stuffed ravioli. Both were also absolutely delicious. Trust me when I say, no matter what you order, you will love it.

To wrap up a fantastic dinner, we ordered their flowerless chocolate cake and their panna cotta. They really can do no wrong here. Both were absolutely amazing. The cake was moist and so flavorful and the panna cotta was one of the best we’ve ever had. It was light but perfect for sharing.

If you want really, and I mean really delicious authentic Italian cuisine, you have to go to Zeppoli. It’s cozy, quaint, romantic and super delicious. It’s only about 20 minutes away from center city Philadelphia. Order anything and you will love it. We can’t wait to go back. But again remember, it’s a BYOB and make sure to make a reservation!

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  1. Invited by my dearest friends…thank you for including me with your beautiful family.. great night at Zeppoli! Thank you Joey for a superb meal.. I think we had everything on the menu!
    Merry Christmas to all!

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