Aria: A Perfect Blend of the Middle East

If you ever find yourself out of the city and in the suburbs, there is a fantastic Mediterranean restaurant that you have to try. Aria is located in the tiny but quaint town of Swarthmore in Delaware County and it is amazing. The food is made fresh every day and it’s a perfect blend of Afghani, Greek and Middle Eastern cuisine. If you love this type of food at a great price, you have to come here.

We’ve been to Aria a couple of times and have never had a bad meal. It’s no frills, great food and great service every time. Our meal started with a wonderful hummus and pita bread starter and it was delicious. I can always tell fresh hummus from store bought. The store bought kind always has too much citrus or tastes too tangy. The hummus at Aria is wonderful! It’s fresh, creamy and just the right amount of chick peas, garlic, seasoning and tahini. Needless to say, we demolished it in record time!

With our entrees we ordered the Aria Mixed Plate which I highly suggest. You get four side dishes for an amazing price. We chose the Greek salad, roasted eggplant salad, Palak Paneer and the grilled vegetables. All four were delicious. We’ve never tried the Palak Paneer but it was fantastic. It’s creamy spinach with feta cheese and Indian spices. It was truly wonderful. The other three sides were spot on. The feta cheese that they use in the Greek salad is so good! Feta is a turn off for some people because it can be strong in taste. The feta that Aria uses is delicious. It’s mild and smooth in taste. It doesn’t overpower the Greek salad.

For our entrees, we ordered the Gyro with lamb and the chicken kabob sandwich. Aria does not skimp when it come to portion size. The sandwiches were big, hearty and out of this world. The lamb was seasoned perfectly and cooked to perfection. The chicken was tender, juicy and melted in your mouth. You really can’t go wrong ordering anything here. It’s all delicious! And if we didn’t have enough food already, the sandwiches come with an order of hot, crispy french fries!

Aria also has an added bonus. When you walk into the restaurant, they have a long display case showing off their wonderful food that you can order out or if you tried something you love, you can order more of it to take home with you. We absolutely love Mediterranean food and it’s warms my heart when we find a restaurant that excels in preparing it. Aria is one of the best Mediterranean restaurants I’ve ever tried in the Philadelphia area. Do yourself a favor Mediterranean food lovers! Head to Swarthmore and go try Aria. You will love it!

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