Sassafras: Better Late Than Never!

There are bars and restaurants that you always mean to try but for some reason it seems to take forever to get to them. Sassafras was one such place that we’ve read good things about and have been meaning to try for quite some time. We finally made it a point to go there and I’m so glad we did. Located in Old City, it is a small, intimate, cozy bar/restaurant that locals in the area have been going to for years. Once you try their cocktails and food, you will become a regular as well!

When you first walk in, the place is long and narrow but filled with so much charm. Beautiful tiled floor, walls and a wonderfully stocked bar just add to the warmth of the place. The menu is amazing! They have just about every type of cocktail you could think of and if you don’t see something on the menu, they can certainly make it for you.

We decided to try a couple of appetizers and a cocktail before heading out to another event we had scheduled this evening. Eric was in a rum mood and started with an amazing cocktail, the “Kerala” which was made with cardamom pods, Scarlett Ibis rum, Buffalo Trace bourbon, pineapple, lemon, simple syrup, angostura, Peychaud’s and a lemon twist. It was absolutely delicious! I ordered the “French 95” and it too was amazing. It was made with Buffalo Trace bourbon, lemon, simple syrup, champagne, angostura bitters and a lemon twist. I’ve had a “French 75” many times but this really took it to another level. If you have no idea what some of the ingredients are, don’t be shy and feel free to ask the super friendly bartenders. They are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

For appetizers, we ordered their hot and honey Sassafras chicken wings and their deviled eggs. Both were delicious! The wings were nice and crispy on the outside, juicy and tender on the inside. The eggs were perfect, served with a wonderful chipotle sauce that paired so well together. Next time we come back, we have to try more things on their menu. I can’t wait!

For our second round of drinks, Eric ordered a “Dark and Stormy” and I ordered an “Old Fashion”. Again, both were delicious. Eric was weary about the “Dark and Stormy” because too many times, the ginger used in the drink can be too sweet and ruin the drink. It was made to perfection here. I usually don’t drink “Old Fashion’s” because the rye or bourbon can be overpowering. Again, they made it spot on here. The bartenders here know what they are doing and this place quickly became a favorite of ours.

Sassafras lived up to and beyond our expectations. The decor was warm, cozy and inviting. The appetizers were delicious and the drinks were out of this world. We will certainly be back and I advise you to give them a try as well!



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