Crushing it at The Franklin Mortgage & Investment Company

We love this place! For those not familiar with the Franklin, they have two bars. Upstairs there is a tiki bar and downstairs is a speakeasy that we’ve fallen in love with. Their name is taken from the 1920’s when The Franklin Mortgage & Investment Company was a front for America’s largest alcohol running ring. We have such a great time whenever we come here. From the super friendly staff and bartenders to the amazing cocktails, this place is an absolute must in my book on places you have to try.

Last time we were here, we tried all of their “Weird” cocktails from their amazing menu. Tonight, we decided to try a couple of their “Crushable” cocktails. And once again, the cocktails were fantastic. The names of the drinks and the ingredients are just mind-boggling. We had so many questions about how they made the drinks, how did they infuse this or wash that. The bartenders are so incredibly friendly here so feel free to ask away with any questions you have. They love talking and interacting with customers that appreciate the hard work that goes into creating such an amazing cocktail menu.

On this night, we ordered the “Lost in the Funhouse” drink which included yogurt-washed rum, becherovka, Breckenridge bitters, strawberry, lime, cream and egg white. We were left speechless when we tried this. It was absolutely amazing! The level of creativity in this drink alone is simply stunning. The staff here are true mixology artists. We also tried the “Jewel Runner” which included butter washed meszcal, yellow chartreuse, green chartreuse, creole shrub, orange and angostura. We love mezcal but this was just amazing. The butter wash just made the drink that much more smooth and silky while keeping that beautiful smokey taste.

We only ordered these two drinks but they were amazing. We told our bartender that we promised that we’d be back to try the other three “Crushable” cocktails. The Franklin bar is just an amazing place to unwind, relax and kick back with an amazing drink. We always have a good time when we are here and can’t wait to go back. Please, please, please, make it a point to come here and try anything off their fantastic menu. You will not be disappointed!


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