Book Launch at Art in the Age

When it comes to cocktails and the ingredients needed for cocktails, Art in the Age in Old City is hard to beat. When I say they carry everything you need to create wonderful cocktails, they really do carry everything! Bitters, liquors, glassware and books. And speaking of books, on this night, they were welcoming author Drew Lazor for the release of his new book, “Session Cocktails”.

The book is based on the fact that bartenders are moving away from making strong cocktails and instead making cocktail that are lower in alcohol that you can drink all day. In it you will find dozens of wonderful cocktail receipes that you can try out at home. Drew collaborated with several well know mixologists to come up all these fantastic drinks.

Drew was on hand at Art in the Age to talk about the book, sign copies and talk about the three drinks that were being featured from the book. The first featured cocktail was “The Winter of Our Content” that featured Art in the Age maple jack, maple flavored apple brandy, lemon juice, maple syrup, citrus liquor, angostura bitters, prosecco and garnished with an orange twist. The second cocktail was “Roebling Rumrise” that featured aged Dreadnought rum, pineapple juice, lemon juice, falernum, topped with lambrusco and garnished with a brandied cherry. And the third cocktail, “Astoria”, featured Liberty gin, dry vermouth, orange bitters and was garnished with a vermouth brined olive. I don’t know how someone can come up with these but I so glad there are mixologists out there that are so creative because all three were absolutely amazing.

All three cocktails were presented so beautifully in their proper glassware. Trust me when I say the type of glass you use for specific cocktails really does matter. It just adds to the charm, warmth and taste of your drink. The bartenders at Art in the Age always do an amazing job and tonight once again they were spot on.

If you haven’t been to Art in the Age, make a point to do so. It’s a great shop with everything you would need to create great drinks at home. And while you are there, make sure to purchase a copy of Drew’s book, “Session Cocktails”. Have fun with it and try make a few or all the drinks in the book. It would be a great theme for a get together with some close friends.

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