Tradesman: The New Kid on the Block!

It’s always exciting when a new restaurant opens up in the city. It’s even more exciting when the restaurant is really, really good! I present to you, Tradesman. It’s located at 1322 Chestnut Street. Chestnut Street has been living in the shadow of the more popular Walnut Street because of the wonderful shops, restaurants and Rittenhouse Square that line along Walnut Street. Chestnut Street has been undergoing a wonderful revitalization  thanks to fantastic restaurants like this.

Tradesman is the brain child of owner Teddy Sourias, who owns several other top quality restaurants. The theme here is good quality microbrews, whiskey and barbecue. The restaurant is in a beautiful restored historic building that dates back to 1906. The decor is a fantastic balance of old and new. Wonderfully hip but paying homage to the classic architecture of this beautiful building. There are two floors, a large bar area, and just recently, they opened a “secret” underground bar.

They went all out when it comes to the drink menu. There are over 30 beer taps and around 80 whiskey’s for you to try. Good luck! The food here is amazing. You have a choice of ribs, brisket, chicken, lamb, steak and pulled pork, just to name a few, for your main course. Sides include cornbread, potato salad, an incredible mac and cheese and other classics.

On this night, we ordered the lamb shoulder and smoked chicken. Both we paired with classic white bread (in case you want to make a sandwich out of it), caramelized onions and pickles. We also ordered the mac and cheese, which is a must! For drinks, we ordered Whistling Pig Old Fashions. Everything was delicious! The lamb was juicy and tender. If you’re not a fan of lamb because of the gamey taste, you’ll love this lamb. It didn’t taste gamey at all. The smoked chicken was perfect. It was beautifully smoked and tender. We ordered the smaller sized portions and had to take some home because they don’t cut corners here when serving their portions.

On top of the wonderful food and decor, the service here is also top notch. Our waitress for the evening was super friendly, knowledgeable and went out of her way to make sure everything was to our liking. It’s time to start taking notice of Chestnut Street in Philadelphia. You can start by going to Tradesman!




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