Bistro Romano: Date Night!

When you find a great restaurant, you stick with them. In my opinion, Bistro Romano ranks up there as one of the best restaurants for Italian food. When I make this claim, it’s not just the food I’m taking into consideration. The decor, ambiance and service are also very important. Bistro Romano ranks a perfect ten on all fronts.

The restaurant features many wine events during the year and we’ve attended quite a few of them. They are held mainly in the bar area or on their third flood banquet room. It had been a while since we actually sat down for a nice dinner here so we decided to head on over to the restaurant one Sunday afternoon.

It was a quiet day at the restaurant, which we didn’t mind. We figured most people were still at the Jersey shore or the mountains for the weekend. We went downstairs and sat in their beautiful, cozy restaurant. The low lighting, exposed beams, brick and stone walls is just so intimate and relaxing. The dining room is just filled with so much charm.

We started with their amazing caesar salad that is prepared table side. It is the best caesar salad in the city. Simple, fresh ingredients that coat the lettuce perfectly, it is wonderful! We ordered a bottle of Route Stock chardonnay that went perfectly with our entrees. I ordered my favorite, the lobster ravioli and Eric ordered the duck breast. If you go, you have to try these. Both are simply out of this world. The lobster ravioli is filled with fresh lobster and the sherry cream sauce is so delicious, I could eat that by itself. The duck is cooked perfectly. There is a nice char on the outer part and it’s a perfect medium rare on the inside. It melts in your mouth when you taste it!

For dessert, we each got a glass of chocolate limoncello, the panna cotta and tiramisu. The desserts were so delicious and light. These are also two of our favorites. We rounded it off with a cup of their delicious coffee. I can sum up our meal in one word, heaven. Everything, as usual, was spot on perfect. Add in the beautiful decor, wonderful service, and we had a perfect Sunday dinner. Make sure you check out Bistro Romano’s website for events and get over there for lunch, happy hour or dinner. You won’t be disappointed!

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