A Celebration Style and Empowerment with Laura Mazurek

This post is shifting gears a little. Instead of a food and wine article, I want to tell you about someone. A year ago, we had the opportunity to meet a wonderful person that has since become a good friend of ours. Her name is Laura Mazurek and you should get to know her as well. Why? Well for starters, she is an amazing person and her background is very impressive. She is always upbeat and has a positive outlook on life. She is involved in so many important topics, has her own radio show and just recently launched her own television show. But first, a little background information.

Laura is the host and executive producer of Philadelphia based radio show, “Style and Empowerment Chat with Laura and Friends”. It ties together fashion and beauty but makes sure that the theme of empowerment and positive self-esteem remain constant. She co-wrote and co-produced her radio shows theme song, “You Can Have It All”, which will be released September 18th to the public. Her current theme song is the song for the “Choose Courage Foundation” which empowers victims of domestic abuse through makeovers.

She is involved in fashion show production, styling, and motivational speaking. She co-produced “Pink the Runway 2015” which was the first black tie couture fashion show for plus-sized women. Laura advocates for size equality and positive body image in the luxury fashion industry. She is also an anti-bullying advocate and has created her own anti-bullying pledge. What did I tell you? She is an amazing woman.

About a month ago, she invited us to take part in a celebration of yet a new endeavor for her, the launch of her own television show on DENT Damage TV. You can find it by clicking here. Both her radio and television show are definitely worth a listen. But on this night, may of her friends, supporters and VIP’s came together to help her celebrate the wonderful news. But it wasn’t just a celebration of a new television show, it was a celebration of Laura’s overall theme, empowerment and positive self-esteem. Trust me when I say it’s impossible not to love this woman!

Laura is the least selfish person I know. While this night was about her and her new accomplishments, she wanted to share it with those closest to her. I view as a two-way street. She gets her positive energy from those around her and it’s impossible not to get that wonderful, positive energy from her back. The evening included past and present fashion show award winners, music and a fashion show. It was a celebration of beauty, the human body and positive self-esteem. Congratulations my friend! You deserve this and more, and I cannot wait to see what you do next!

Tiffany C. DuBois

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