Porta: An Italian’s Dream!

Now, as most of you are aware, Eric and I love Porta! We’ve been here several times and the ambiance, attention to detail, friendly service and fantastic food are just some of the things that make up this fantastic restaurant. We’ve been here for brunch, happy hour and dinner and we’ve never had a bad experience. If you are looking for a easy going, laid back, great decor and great food restaurant, this is the place to go. On this night, we were in the area for another event. Porta was just a block away and we decided to stop in and grab a late dinner. Porta is just one of those places that welcomes you with open arms and the scent of fresh pizza and mozzarella!

Our favorite bartender was holding down the fort and we ordered the Margherita pizza,  perfectly charred octopus, wine, and cocktails. The pizzas here are probably the best we’ve tasted in the city. We like our pizza cooked well done and every time, Porta delivers. It’s just so flavorful, crispy and delicious. They have two pizza ovens that were shipped from Naples and you can taste the difference. It only takes minutes to cook a pizza in these ovens and they are delicious. The charred octopus was to die for! It’s served with fingerling potatoes, capers, garlic, fennel, chervil, lemon, and extra virgin olive oil. Who wouldn’t love this?

Now lets talk again about the wine and cocktails. One word, amazing. Eric decided to try their Zensa Primitivo which was a deep, full-bodied red with notes of fig and coffee. The fig notes in this wine was absolutely fantastic. It quickly became our favorite and went perfectly with our food. It happened to be our bartenders favorite wine as well.

A few short nights later, we were back and we ordered the pasta, seafood, wine, and dessert served by the General Manager, Taylor, as a thank you for loving Porta. Now, considering the number of times that we have ordered pizza, it is no wonder that we haven’t tried anything new. On this night, Taylor was literally in the HOUSE! If you get the chance to talk with Porta’s GM, let her know that I sent you. She is incredibly nice, and lets you guide the tasting, but can recommend anything and everything if you cannot decide on what you want.

On this night, I was in the mood for pasta, and because Taylor mentioned that the chef changes the pasta special every weekend, I tried the delicious, home-made, bowtie pasta, infused with spinach, creamy goat cheese sauce, and a wonderful glass of red wine. Eric decided to go light for dinner, getting the fresh mozzarella, and having the “Good to Sea You” seafood salad for his entree, paired with the house Merlot. For dessert, Taylor insisted on bringing her favorite, a sinful chocolate cake, topped with an espresso gelee, and a cup of coffee for me. For this and many more visits, let me just say to Porta, thank you so much for serving fantastic food, drinks and making us feel so welcome every time we come here. Give Porta a try. You won’t be disappointed!

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