Pinot Boutique: Wine tasting night!

The first time Eric and I had been to Pinot Boutique was about two years ago. We were interested in the quality of the wines and wanted to compare Pennsylvania wines with, well, everyone! It was a cute boutique and they had a nice selection of local wines, but we only liked one or two. Many people don’t realize that there are quite a few wineries just outside the Philadelphia area. Our absolute favorite is Chadds Ford Winery. They do a great job with their wines. The tri-state area wineries for the most part do a good job but we are more partial to other regions. Would Pinot Boutique change our minds?

It’s two years later and Dan Soskin, the owner of Pinot Boutique, invited the both of us to a Friday night wine tasting. When we first walked in, we were blown away at how much the place changed. It was beautiful! As Dan said to us, “it used to look more like a store and now it looks more like a cozy wine bar”. No argument here Dan. They did a great job redoing the place. It’s cozy, full of warmth and charm.

When you first walk in to Pinot Boutique, immediately to your left is a small stage area for a jazz band. They didn’t have that before! In front of you is a wonderful bar area and there are tables throughout. The lighting is soft but good enough that you don’t have to take out your cell phone and hit a flashlight app. It’s a wonderful, inviting place that you wouldn’t mind spending a few hours sipping wine and listening to live music.

We decided to do two different wine flights so we could sample as many wines as possible. I tried their premium white wine flight and Eric did their basic red wine flight. Overall, the wines were pretty good. There were a couple that stood out on each of our tastings. We liked the PDX Cabernet on the red wine flight and the Pinnacle Dry Riesling and Auburn White Bottle on the white flight. Did Pinot Boutique change our minds about local wines? Perhaps a little. Would we go back to Pinot Boutique to sample some more local wines? Definitely.

Philadelphia is lucky to have Pinot Boutique. The city needs more wine bars and they do deliver on a number of fronts. There is live music, snacks to nibble on while sampling wines, is easy to get to and it’s a fun place to relax and drink some nice wines. Dan and the staff are about the nicest people you will ever meet and they make sure you are well taken care of. Next time you are in the Old City area of Philadelphia, stop in Pinot Boutique for a fun, relaxing good time! Cheers!

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