Snack time at the Bellevue!

Let me tell you a story. A little over two years’ ago, I discovered Bellevue Salon and Spa. My hairstylist name is Heather and she is wonderful! There is no where else I go to to get my hair done. On this particular occasion, Eric and I were in the mood for a snack and as I’ve never been to Nineteen, which is on the 19th floor of the historic Bellevue building in center city, we decided to go. Nineteen consists of a restaurant and a cozy bar and lounge area. On this day, we decided to go to the bar and lounge.

To get to the bar and lounge, we walked through the restaurant which was beautiful! Trust me when I say that the bar area was just as beautiful. It’s a decent size but very cozy and intimate. The service was top notch and the food and drinks were wonderful.

We started with two wonderful cocktails, the magical champagne flute which was a mix of pear vodka, pom liqueur, lemon juice and champagne and the cucumber ala king which was a mix of gin, lemon, canton, St. Germain and cucumber. Both were outstanding and refreshing.

For our appetizers, we ordered the grass fed angus burger with clothbound cheddar, brioche bun and french fries, and the shrimp cocktail with absolut lemon cocktail sauce. Everything was delicious. The shrimp cocktail with the lemon cocktail sauce was amazing. Lemon just makes everything taste so much better! The angus burger was hot and juicy and cooked perfectly.

Nineteen is a beautiful spot whether you are in the mood for a full service restaurant meal or a cozy, relaxed bar and lounge fix. Another draw to Nineteen is the views. Situated on the 19th floor of the Bellevue, the views of center city are amazing. Next time you are in center city and want exceptional food and drinks in a cozy, relaxed atmosphere, give Nineteen a try. You won’t regret it!


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