Little Red’s First Trip to Cooper’s Hawk

June was a bittersweet month. We finally had to say goodbye to our 2004 Saab convertible and say hello to our new 2018 Subaru Legacy. I nicknamed our new car “little red” since the color is my favorite, red. While the Saab was fun to drive it was time to say goodbye. The Subaru has been a great car so far. We decided to celebrate by driving down to Annapolis, Maryland and go to one of our favorite spots, Cooper’s Hawk Winery. We were due for a trip there since we are wine club members and we had quite a few bottles to pick up.

I’ve written about Cooper’s Hawk in the past. It is in one word, perfection. Their wines are among the best we’ve ever tasted. The food at their restaurant is among the best we’ve ever had. If they ever open up a winery/restaurant in Philadelphia, look out! They would make a big splash here, trust me.

When we visit Cooper’s Hawk, we always do a wine tasting first. We’ve tasted just about all of their wines but we always enjoy sampling them again. Since we are wine club members, our tastings are always free. I highly recommend that you join their wine club.  Afterwards, we always head upstairs to their wonderful restaurant and have lunch or dinner. This day was no exception.

We ordered a bottle of their fantastic unoaked chardonnay and put in an order of their Thai lettuce wraps to start. We then each got a burger, Eric got a turkey burger and I ordered their burger of the month, “Cowboy burger”. This is one of those rare places where we can say that we’ve never, ever had a bad meal here. And this day was no exception. The Thai lettuce wraps were delicious! They were served with a sweet chili-glazed chicken, Julienne vegetables, crunchy wontons, bibb lettuce, and peanut, cashew, and soy caramel sauces. The sauce alone were amazing but it paired perfectly with the unoaked chardonnay. The burgers were so delicious and juicy. Yes, the cowboy burger was big. You almost had to unlock your jaws to bite into it but it was so good!

We really love going to Cooper’s Hawk. It’s only a two hour drive from Philadelphia. It makes for a great weekend getaway or a perfect day trip. Next time you are in the area, stop by and try their wines and go to their restaurant. Trust me when I say you will enjoy every moment there. Scouts honor!

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