M Restaurant: Happy Hour Review!

M Restaurant at Morris House is a picturesque escape from the city. It has a wonderful outdoor seating area, and the staff is very attentive and friendly. The drinks are top-notch and makes one feel like they are at an outdoor cafe in France.

A little history on M Restaurant at Morris House. It was designed and built by brothers William and John Reynolds. The Reynolds brothers ignored the new fashions in architecture at the time to build a pre-war Colonial style house on Potter’s Field, which is today known as Washington Square in center city. This was one of the original houses built post Revolutionary War in the summer of 1787.

The Morris Family

The Morris House takes its name from subsequent dwellers, the famous Morris family, who made it their family home for 120 years.

Over time, generations living here made slight changes but the architecture remained the same. There has been of course some restoration as well over the years. The building fascade today is the same as it was in 1787. The Morris House remains one of the finest examples of Colonial residential architecture in existence.  For additional information, you can either visit their wikipedia page or visit the establishment yourself!

Now, on to our visit. Both Eric and I love trying out new places, and we had heard enough great reviews to finally try them out ourselves. We went for happy hour, just after they opened for the day, and it was such a lovely day out that we sat outside in their courtyard. Now, for those of you that are coming to the city for happy hour, date night, or  for just a quick bite to eat, this is not the worst option in the world. Happy hour is from 4-6 pm, Tuesday-Sunday, they are closed on Monday’s.

They have a three for 15 dollar appetizer special. We decided to go with one order of brussel sprouts, one order of almond stuffed dates, one order of crab fritters, one order of fried oysters chicken salad, and two orders of chicken wings with two different sauces. The brussel sprouts were delicious. They had a nice char and were served with an herbed yogurt, pickled grapes and pine nuts. The almond stuffed dates were wrapped in house-made bacon and glazed in brown sugar. We thought it might be too sweet but they were perfect. The crab fritters were also delicious. They were served with a pickled red onion and lemon aioli. The fried oyster chicken salad was very good but they really could have split the two up and each would have been perfectly fine. The sauces that  were ordered with the chicken wings were the pomegranate molasses and wildflower-whiskey bbq. The pomegranate molasses was tasteful but subtle. The wings could have used a bit more but it was very good. The bbq sauce was delicious and was the one we both preferred.

For our drinks, I had a glass of Sauvignon Blanc from Six Hats, which was delicious. It had a great balance of acidic tartness, and smooth butteriness. Eric ordered the Bartenders Choice, a pear-infused vodka drink that he and I could have downed all night if we hadn’t already had not one, but two events to go to! I also decided to try their combo of three oysters and a glass of sparkling wine. It was very good but one oyster still had a bit of grit on it. Otherwise, you didn’t taste any brine like you might with oysters.

M Restaurant gets top marks for ambiance, scenery and history. The outdoor courtyard was beautiful and on a prefect spring or summer day, it’s a perfect spot to sit and relax. They have many events going on including live jazz on Wednesday and Friday nights. Would we go back? Yes. The drinks were outstanding and the food was good. Maybe a couple of adjustments here and there, but otherwise, we enjoyed our visit.

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