Audrey’s Apartment Party: Drink Philly Style!

Imagine the perfect cocktail paired with your favorite character of a movie. Cosmopolitans with Carrie Bradshaw. Mint mojitos with Humphrey Bogart. A dirty gin martini with Jack McFarland. Or, the Golden Age old-fashioned with Holly Golightly at her apartment, in the midst of the crush of people that just showed up randomly. In the case of Drink Philly’s shin ding, having a cocktail with Holly Golightly is just what happened!

Drink Philly President and CEO, Adam Schmidt, decided to have a “Audrey’s Apartment Party” in the style of Audrey Hepburn’s iconic character at the Center for Architecture and Design this past Friday, May 11th, 2018. We both know Adam from a mutual friend and were delighted to learn that he decided to do this themed party after watching “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” Everything from the cocktails to the costumes were a sight to see. There was also a live band and photographer Al B. For didn’t miss a moment as he roamed throughout the evening capturing the event.

New Liberty Distilling and Spirit Forward were on hand to captivate guest’s palates with drinks including, “The Golden Age”, “Princess Anne”, “Funny Face”, and “Love in the Afternoon”. Each drink conjured up memories of the olden days when a well-made, well thought out drink was just as important as the drink itself.

All the drink’s created were by Spirit Forwards head bartender and CEO, Dan Hamm. If you haven’t stopped by the restaurant he bartend’s at, do so immediately! He was the creator of “The Golden Age”, a Bloody Butcher Bourbon, cold brew coffee, Angostura bitters and orange zest old fashioned that was hands down the drink of the night. It was simple but complex and the flavors themselves were amazing! It was the perfect balance of smooth bourbon, spice from the orange zest and cold brew coffee, and bitterness from the Angostura. And the fact that I could drink it is a small miracle in itself since I don’t really like bourbon or plain whiskey. I much prefer rye whiskey.

My next favorite drink that Dan made was split between “Princess Anne” and “Funny Face”. “Princess Anne”, made personally by Dan Hamm, had Dreadnaught White rum, lime, cinnamon, and strawberry jam. “Funny Face” was a gin-based cocktail made with Concullin Gin, lemon, vanilla, carrot juice, and cardamom soda. Both drinks were spectacular and I could have had either for the rest of the night. “Love in the Afternoon” was delicious, but was too acidic for my taste. It reminded me of pink lemonade despite the ingredient list including Powderhorn Rye Vodka, hibiscus tea, blended citrus, rose hip, passion fruit, and orange zest.

Also on hand this evening was New Liberty Distillery PA Sales Manager, Jenny Hobbs. New Liberty is another place on our short list that we need to visit in the very near future. They were the supplier of the spirits and they were delicious. We got a chance to sample the Bloody Butcher Bourbon straight and it was amazing! It was so smooth and delicious, I could drink it straight or on the rocks. Well done New Liberty!

It was a fantastic evening and it was great to see everyone dressed up. I do believe that people really enjoy these types of themed parties. We’ve been to several Gatsby themed, roaring twenties themed and art deco themed parties and all of them have been a hit. People don’t dress in that period clothing anymore, which is a shame. The clothing, jewelry and styles are all so beautiful. So next time you see a themed event related to these time periods, dress up and go have some fun! We can’t wait to see what Adam Schmidt at Drink Philly comes up with next!

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