An art and architectural delight!

We are always looking for new and interesting events to attend. One came up recently that my fiancé and I couldn’t pass up for several reasons. First, the proximity of where the event was being held. Just a 10 minute walk from our apartment. Second, it featured several local artists and we love going to art openings. And third, it featured a newly designed home in the beautiful art museum area. Very hard to pass up indeed!

Yao Huang, an award-winning architect, opened his newly built home to host an exhibition of six Philadelphia based artists. It was a beautiful celebration of architecture and art this evening. Mr. Huang’s home was absolutely spectacular. It was once a commercial business but he gutted the entire place and now it’s so inviting you’d never want to leave. A beautiful multi-floor home with wonderful views of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the center city skyline. If you are looking for a fantastic architect to remodel your home, contact Yao Huang. The quality and detailing throughout his home was breathtaking.

The artwork featured this evening was wonderful. We immediately fell in love with all of it. There was a variety of subject matter, landscapes, portraits, photography, modern art, and so forth. One artist we particularly liked was Aissulu Kadyrzhanova. Origionally from Kazakhstan, she is an amazing artist. Her work displayed tonight was large in size but it immediately captured you. We would have loved to take home all her pieces! We got the opportunity to meet and talk with her and she was so nice. She is such a talented artist. Please look her up and take the time to see her artwork in person.

The night started out with a wonderful vocal solo performance from Sharon Hus. She is a junior at Radnor High School who has won various awards for her singing. She preformed “O Mio Bambino Caro” and “Apres un Reve”. No words can really describe how incredible her voice was for such a young age. We all thought she was going to continue a career in music but we were wrong. She wants to study mechanical engineering. She will be the best mechanical engineer vocalist ever!

It was a great night of music, art and architecture. It didn’t matter that we didn’t know anyone when we first got there. By the time left, we had made several new friends and I hope to see them again soon. I don’t think people realize how important art, music and architecture are in our daily lives. It serves as a respite from the stress we have to deal with. Make sure you take some time and visit an art gallery, attend an art opening or a concert. Immerse yourself in art and for a few moments, forget all your worries and problems.



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