Opening Night at Twenty-two!!

Expanding one’s horizons is something everyone should try to do. If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that my favorite topic is food and wine. But lately, I have been wanting to expand my horizons and write more about art, dance and cultural events. My fiancé and I have heard about many wonderful art galleries in Philadelphia and we finally went to a fantastic art opening. The gallery was Twenty-Two art gallery. The featured artist was Antonietta Kies. I’m so glad we went!

With all the ups and downs in our economy over the last decade, one would think that art galleries have struggled quite a bit to stay open. Indeed, many have closed but Twenty-Two has been around since 2003. They’ve built their reputation on featuring local emerging or established artists. Owner Shawn Murray told me that another reason he’s been able to stay open for so long is that he only takes a small portion of the sales of the artwork. He is very symapthetic with today’s artists and the costs they have to endure such as supplies, framing and the high percentage some galleries or shows require. While the front part of the gallery is reserved for openings, the back part always has a wonderful sampling of different artwork. They try to cater to many tasted and they succeed.

Back to the featured artist. This night was the opening for featured artist Antonietta Kies. While a native of New Hampshire, she currently resides in Vermont. She does have some roots in Philadelphia. She attended the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in 2011, receiving her MFA at PAFA in 2013. She currently divides her time in computer science, as a part time application developer at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education, and her studio practice. Her work this evening was amazing. We immediately fell in love with several pieces! I also loved the fact that her work was so diverse. There were landscapes, still life, animals, night-scapes, view of the cosmos, well…you get the idea. We also got the chance to meet and talk with Antonietta. She makes you feel like you’ve know her for years and is genuinely interested in you as much as you are in her. We could have talked to her for hours. I hope we can meet up with this talented artist again.

So next time you are out on a nice spring or summer weekend, why not do something different and stop in an art gallery. Just pick one and enjoy. Although I’d pick Twenty-Two Gallery!



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