The Philadelphia Art Alliance and University of the Arts unite!

Wednesday, March 28th was a special day for the Philadelphia Art Alliance and the University of the Arts. The two historic institutions celebrated their union and in doing so, helped preserve and maintain art and culture in the region for years to come. Earlier this year, both institution’s boards voted unanimously to join together. In doing so, both will aid each other in preserving and celebrating each other’s rich history as well as creating and promoting more art forms and programs.

The Art Alliance held an open house this cold March evening to celebrate the union. If you’ve never been here before, make a point to do so. The historic home was built in 1906 in the style of an Italian Renaissance Palazzo. It is beautiful inside and out. Located directly across from Rittenhouse Square, it is easy to get to for a visit. Located in the back part of the building is a wonderful French restaurant, Le Cheri. We ate here once before and plan to go back again soon. The University of the Arts is located on Broad Street and was first established in 1876. It’s one of the top schools for arts in the country.

The open house had an exhibit on the first floor entitled, “Uniting Two Legacies”, which included an overview of the history of the two institutions as well as highlights from past events. There was also live music preformed by a University of the Arts student. On the second floor, again there was a live music by University of the Arts students, food and refreshments, and a pop-up bookstore with books about both institutions. The third floor was showing a video of University of the Arts President David Yager discussing the future of the Art Alliance and answering common questions about the union.

It was a wonderful evening to get to know both institutions a little better and appreciate the steps that are being taken to preserve the arts in the city. Without getting too political, we all have read or seen how the arts have come under fire by the current White House administration. It’s always refreshing to see the efforts, big or small, of people dedicated to making sure art programs will be available for all for years to come. Please be sure to stop by the Art Alliance or University of the Arts when you can. Both always have some exhibits going on. Don’t take the arts for granted. Support and appreciate it.



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