Zinc: A restaurant week experience

Restaurant week in Philadelphia is always a big event. It gives people a chance to try a new restaurant for a fraction of the cost of what they may spend there otherwise. We decided to try a cozy French bistro that we haven’t been to before, Zinc. It’s not too big but as  soon as you walk in, you can’t help but feel the warm and intimate atmosphere. We were greeted by the friendly hostess and promptly seated to our table. Some of the tables are a bit close together but it kind of lends to the small, intimate, bistro atmosphere.

We each started out with a glass of wine. I ordered the sauvignon blanc from sancerre and Eric ordered a bordeaux. Both were delicious but Eric was very excited about the bordeaux. I had a taste and I understood why. It was one of the best bordeaux’s I’ve ever tasted. The aroma was so pleasent to smell. The taste was silky and smooth. It was so good, we ordered a bottle to accompany our dinner. The wine is a 2010 Grand Vin De Bordeaux Chateau Font-Merlet. If anyone knows where or how to get this, please let me know. It’s that good!

For the first course of our meal, we were served a smoked salmon with red beet and seaweed salad. It was delicious. The salmon was delicate and light. The seaweed added a briny, salty taste but the beet neutralized that very nicely.

For our second course, we ordered the bay scallop and artichoke au gratin, and the wild mushroom and shrimp in puff pastry. I also ordered their mushroom soup as well. I was in a mushroom mood. And again I have to add, the bordeaux went beautifully with each course. The bay scallop was wonderful. Cooked perfectly and the artichoke au gratin was the perfect paring with it. Both my mushroom choices were absolutely delicious. The soup had a fantastic consistency and was seasoned perfectly. The wild mushroom and shrimp in the puff pastry was fantastic as well. Plated beautifully, it had such a nice, earthy taste and the sauce soaked up the puff pastry perfectly. Outstanding!

For our entrees, I ordered the steak frites with truffle butter sauce and Eric ordered the pork loin stuffed with boursin, brocolini and mushrooms. Again, both were plated beautifully, but both fell a bit short to our expectations. I always order my steak medium rare and this was cooked more medium. Also, it wasn’t served hot, like it was just prepared. It was warm but within minutes, the temperature dropped considerably. The pork was also a bit overcooked but it was very good.

The final course, desert, we were served their chocolate “Marquise” with espresso sauce. This was delicious. The chocolate was a nice consistency and the expresso sauce did not over power the cake. This was really wonderful desert to finish off our meal.

Overall, I would say the entire meal was good. It was unfortunate that our entrees fell a bit short, but everything else was fantastic. Would I go back again? Absolutely! I loved the small, cozy atmosphere. Our waiter was attentive and extremely friendly. You did feel like for a few hours, you were in an actual Parisian bistro. We will definitely will be back and I will post a followup article on our experience. Bon appetite!

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