BalletX, amazing and fabulous

While I love posting articles about food and wine, I just had to write one about a fantastic group of dancers that we have really fallen in love with over the past year. That group is BalletX and I hope by the time you have finished reading this, you will be inclined to attend their performances and appreciate them as much as we do.

Our first experience with BalletX was when I was writing for last year. We were able to attend their annual premier party at the wonderful Sky Philadelphia. The evening consisted of a cocktail hour, sit down dinner, a one-of-a-kind performance from the BalletX dancers and fantastic views from the 50th floor of Sky Philadelphia. We were intrigued with this organization and decided that we needed to attend their next performance as soon as possible. And I am so glad we did. Just a quick side note, the BalletX next premier party is March 22nd again at Sky Philadelphia. Please go to the BalletX website for more details for tickets and more information.

To me, BalletX is a wonderful blend of modern, classical dance and ballet. Founded in 2005 by Christine Cox and Matthew Neenan, and now under the direction of Cox as Artistic & Executive Director, BalletX “challenges the boundaries of classical ballet by encouraging formal experimentation while preserving rigorous technique”. And boy do they ever. We love going to the ballet and opera but BalletX is just more intimate and personal. Go to any one of their performances and you can meet and talk with Christine Cox and feel like you’ve know her for a very long time. Her energetic personality, love for BalletX and genuine interest in the patrons that attend each BalletX performance, you can’t help but be excited with her and want the very best for this group.

Every performance that we have attended, we have been blown away by the music, energy and talent each dancer brings to the stage. The audience around us is mesmerized and entranced with every step. When the program has ended, there is always a roar of applause in appreciation of the dedication and hours of work everyone associated with BalletX puts into each and every program.

We recently attended their Spring Series the other night at the Wilma Theater. There were three programs slated for this evening and each one was amazing. First up was “Vivir”. It was a tribute to the sounds and music of Spanish Harlem. The music consisted of Rodrigo & Gabriela, Bebo & Cigala and Tito Puente. A perfect harmony of culture, music and dance. The second program was entitled “Increasing” and the music was a string quintet in C Major by Schubert. The Curtis Institute of Philadelphia provided the musicians that played on stage while the dancers performed. The third program was “The Boogeyman” with music from Stevie Wonder, Earth, Wind & Fire, Johnny Nash and Gilbert O’Sullivan. It was a tribute to the 1970’s dancers on the television show Soul Train. And this is what I’m getting at. Three different programs. Three totally different genres of music. Three incredible performances! I can’t honestly tell you which one I like more because I loved each one. We already have tickets to their final summer program and we can’t can’t wait to attend it. Actually, we don’t intend to miss another BalletX performance!

Thank you so much to Christine Cox and all involved for their tireless dedication to BalletX. It is a wonderful group of dancers that give 110% each and every performance. With the music, passion, talent and love all involved put towards every show, you can’t help but fall for BalletX and want to do more to help them succeed. If you haven’t been to one of their dance series, please go. You won’t be disappointed and like us, you will be hooked! Bravo BalletX!!!



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