2018 New Year’s Day Dinner at Parc

The plan was to have a quiet dinner at home on New Year’s Day. Our mood changed and so did our plans. We decided on a quiet dinner out at one of our favorite restaurants in Philadelphia, Parc at Rittenhouse Square. The decor, ambiance, service, and of course, the food, were as usual, fantastic. We have never, ever, had a bad meal here and once again, Parc did not disappoint.

We skipped ordering appetizers for a change and went straight to the entrees. Tonight, we ordered the steak au poivre and duck breast. We’ve ordered many steaks in this wonderful city of ours and in our opinion, Parc’s steak au poivre, is the best hands down. Always order it medium-rare and it is served perfectly cooked. The temperature stays warm from the first bite to the last. The au poivre sauce, that beautiful au poivre sauce, is just divine. A perfect balance of peppercorns and a reduction of cognac and heavy cream is to die for. Don’t take my word for it. Go to Parc and order their steak au poivre. You won’t regret it.

With our entrees, we needed a nice wine to pair with it. We ordered a 2010 Chateau Font-Merlet Bordeaux which was outstanding! We came across this bordeaux again during Philly’s Restaurant Week at Zinc. Zinc’s review will be posted in the coming days. But back to this wine. It was one of the best bordeaux’s we’ve ever had. The color and aroma were outstanding. The taste was a wonderful silky smooth texture. It complemented the steak and duck perfectly.

Back to dinner! The duck breast was a wonderful surprise on the menu. A new year’s day treat I suppose and one Eric jumped on. The duck came out perfect. It was juicy inside and the skin was crispy on the outside. Served with artichoke, onion and mushrooms with a wonderful sauce, it was more than satisfying to the palate.

For desert, we ordered the moelleux au chocolat and the apple tarte tatin. Let me tell you right now, the moelleux au chocolat is the best chocolate desert we’ve ever had, period. A perfect blend of raspberry and warm chocolate, topped with vanilla ice cream. If you go to Parc and only order one thing from their fantastic menu, order this! You will not be disappointed. The apple tarte was surprisingly light and flakey, served in a puff pastry topped with vanilla ice cream. Outstanding, just outstanding.

To complement our heavenly deserts, we ordered a couple of cocktails, an old fashioned with rye and a creme brûlée cocktail. Both were refreshing and packed a punch but were perfectly balanced so that you didn’t just taste the alcohol. It was a prefect way to end a perfect meal on this new year’s day.

I can’t say enough about this Steven Starr establishment. Top notch service, incredible food, cozy, intimate decor, I could go on and on. If you can’t travel to Paris, this is the next best thing. We’ve dined here many times and we will continue to do so.



Simple yet elegant decor.


Beautiful views of Rittenhouse Square.


Fantastic bordeaux!


Steak au Poivre. Best steak in the city? I’d say so!


Surprise menu addition for New Year’s Day, duck breast!


Moelleux au chocolat. Best chocolate desert in the city? I’d say so!


Apple tarte tatin. Light and heavenly.


Old fashioned with rye. Perfect!


Creme brulee cocktail. Not overly sweet. Just perfect to end a perfect meal.

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