New Year’s Eve at Friday Saturday Sunday

Friday, Saturday, Sunday. What can I say? Originally opened back in the 1960’s, this Rittenhouse Square establishment was sold to Iron Chef Jose Garces protege’s Chad and Hanna Williams over 2 years ago. It reopened in November of 2016 and has been a big successful with mentions in Philadelphia Magazine, The James Beard Foundation and all over the city of Brotherly Love!

Let me tell you, the food is fantastic, the cocktails are whimsical and extremely well made, and the level of attention to detail and service is second to none. From the moment you walk in, you feel warm, cozy and relaxed. It feels like you walked into a small Parisian bistro. The bar area is street level and you may never want to leave. It’s warm and inviting. The bartenders are top notch and their attention to detail is fantastic. Upstairs is the sit down dining area, which again is small, cozy and intimate. Which ever floor you decide to stake a claim, you won’t go wrong.

The first time that we went was in mid-November. Rittenhouse Square hadn’t turned their holiday lights on just yet and we had time to kill. We walked in and it was was empty. Granted, we arrived right when they opened and it was still early. But that would soon change within an hour. We ordered their oysters. Now these were not cheap oysters but worth every penny. They were plated beautifully with olive oil inside the shell and cracked black pepper. They came with a side of meyer lemon granita. Probably the best oysters we’ve had in Philadelphia! Next, we ordered a smoked beef heart tartare. It was absolutely delicious! The smoke and sweetness from the creme fraiche just added to the level of delicacy displayed.

Now on to our entrees. We ordered the bucatini allo scoglio and the roasted chicken. Both were delicious beyond words. The bucatini was mixed with squid, mussels and onion confit. The chicken was made with celery root and potato pave, broccolini and roasted apple jus. Yes, we died and went to heaven! It’s so difficult to put into words how amazing the food tasted. As more and more locals filtered in and saw what we ordered, they immediately knew how delicious our food was going to be. And they were right! Probably the best bucatini and chicken we’ve ever had. The bucatini was cooked to perfection and held the sauce perfectly. The chicken was tender, juicy and melted in your mouth.

With our perfect food selection, you need a perfect cocktail or wine. Friday Saturday Sunday didn’t disappoint. We started with a glass of Lebanese red wine followed by a cosmopolitan, then their “fibonacci in autumn”, then the blurred wine, then closed with a beautiful Greek dessert wine. We also ordered a speciality cocktail from one of the bartenders, Frank. His take on a manhattan was called the “war on Christmas”. War never tasted so good! I suggested that he declare war on all holidays if they tasted this good. But that’s not all. We also ordered the “velveteen sour”, the “28th emotion” and an old fashioned. Ok, yes it seems like a lot of cocktails but we were there for several hours and paced ourselves accordingly. The bartenders were always filling our water glasses to make sure we didn’t over do it. Not only were all the cocktail amazing, but the bartenders were attentive and made sure their customers didn’t over do it as well.

We were so impressed from our first visit that we had to go back, especially since Chad had promised a perfectly cooked, from the first slice to the last bite, steak. We decided to go back for dinner on New Year’s Eve, especially since there was no pre-fixe dinner menu with a separate beverage package. They don’t believe in up-charging for holiday menus. They keep it the same and they keep in delicious.

For New Year’s Eve, we started with their incredible oysters, followed by their beef tartare. Both were outstanding again. Then the entrees came. A New York strip steak and their special for the evening, duck. Both tasted delicious, but the steak was a bit on the cool side and we had to send it back to be reheated. It came back perfect. For dessert, we kept it liquid. A chocolate martini and the “war on Christmas”. Not a bad way to end a nearly perfect meal.

Friday Saturday Sunday is the type of place most of us look for. It’s a neighborhood gathering spot but yet a culinary gem. It’s warm and inviting yet casual and friendly. The one word to describe this establishment, perfect!

Our first visit in November 2017:

New Year’s Eve dinner (below):

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