The Bar at Bistro Romano

If you live in Philadelphia and say “Bistro Romao“, I would hope many positive images pop-up in your mind. The fantastic made from scratch pasta, the fantastic food, the best-in-the-city caesar salad, the atmosphere, I could go on and on. While this is our favorite Italian restaurant, don’t overlook the beautiful bar and their fantastic bartender, Alarra.

Which, not withstanding Alarra’s charm, her Old Fashioned cocktail and Cosmopolitan are among the best we’ve had in a long while. Let’s start with the Old Fashioned. First, she smokes the rye. Secondly, the glassware is an un-expected surprise in that it’s made out of glass instead of plastic, which is perfect for this type of cocktail. The type of glass you serve wine or cocktails really does make a difference. And thirdly, the fact that one does not chug an Old Fashioned. Her attention to detail is a pleasant surprise. She takes pride in her work and when you sip your drink, it shows!

Now, my Cosmopolitan was a thing of beauty. Most places will either make it too sweet, too syrupy or so acidic it makes one think of a Cosmo as a dirty martini. Alarra had the perfect balance of sweet, acidic, with a touch of spice in her version of a Cosmopolitan. Instead of plain Vodka, we did a Citron Vodka, a splash of cranberry juice, lime, and there you go. A perfect Cosmopolitan!

You would be more than happy to spend happy hour at the bar with fantastic food, drinks and bartender that knows her stuff. While waiting for a wine tasting event, my fiancee and I killed the time at the beautiful bar at Bistro Romano. And believe me. If it wasn’t for the fact that we had a wine tasting upstairs at the restaurant, we could have stayed all night at the bar.

You can order from their wonderful menu and the bartender, Alarra, is one of our favorite bartenders. Her attention to detail and her personality makes it so worthwhile just to visit Bistro Romano. She’s top notch and we made sure to tell the restaurant’s management. But make no mistake. If you can stay for dinner, do so! We’ve never had a bad meal here…ever! The great thing about Bistro Romano, if you just go for happy hour or stay for dinner, you will leave satisfied and can’t wait to come back again.

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