Bluebird Distilling: A whiskey above all else!

Story by Tiffany DuBois, photos by Eric Morales

It’s always nice to find a new restaurant, drink, or distillery by accident. Just the other day, we found one under these circumstances. Cutting through Liberty Place, we came across Bluebird Distilling on the ground floor of the Liberty Place Shops. It’s a small hole in the wall setup but the selection and taste are big.

Bluebird Distilling is a new baby to whiskey, bourbon, vodka, gin, and rum. They have it all. Their main distillery is in Phoenixville, PA on 100 Bridge Street. They have a tasting room and do tours there, and you can certainly purchase spirits as well. So, what exactly do they have? How does white rye whiskey, wheat whiskey, single malt, vodka, rum, juniperus gin and four grain bourbon sound? Yup, they have quite a selection. We tasted six of their spirits and all were very good and packed quite a punch. We normally mix our spirits with something. It’s rare we drink them straight but a few of these we could enjoy on the rocks.

What did we try? We started with the Bluebird Vodka, the Juniperus Gin and Sugarcane Rum first. The vodka was incredibly smooth but packed a punch. It had a nice clean, full-bodied taste with hints of fruit. The gin had hints of vanilla and juniper, with a taste of pepper and melon. The rum had hints of fruit and a taste of honey.

Then we tried the Four Grain Bourbon, the Wheat Whiskey and Rye Whiskey. The bourbon had a vanilla smoke flavor that our friend Don would love. The Wheat Whiskey was like the bourbon in that it had hints of vanilla and smoke but you could taste butterscotch and caramel. The Rye Whiskey had hints of brown sugar and Cherrywood and had a taste of caramel and clove. All six were incredibly delicious in their own unique way.

You can purchase Bluebird’s many spirits at Fine Wine & Good Spirits Shops throughout Pennsylvania and independent liquor stores in New Jersey. Next time you’re walking through Liberty Place or find yourself in Phoenixville, stop by and give them a try. Glad to have stumbled upon you Bluebird!



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