Parc: A Pleasant Mid-day Lunch

Story by Tiffany DuBois, photos by Eric Morales

On a beautiful late summer day, lunch was on the brain for my darling fiancé. His upcoming birthday was on my brain. We met in the middle by getting Eric a snack that would curb his hunger and allow me to figure out if we wanted a birthday cake for his birthday. Where to go? Parc, of course!

So, a little background on Parc. First, this is our favorite French restaurant in Philadelphia because we have never had a bad meal here, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. Two, this is where we had our first date so there is an emotional factor here. And finally, Parc’s Moelleux au Chocolate is our favorite dessert and incredibly delicious. If you love chocolate and raspberry, you have to try this dessert! It will set the bar very high for all other desserts. I would like to thank Executive Pastry Chef Abigail Dahan for taking time out of her busy schedule to talk to us both about Parc’s cakes and desserts. We can’t wait to order a dessert again from Parc. And you know which one we will order!

We wound up having a proper late lunch with me ordering a cocktail called Le Parosol and Eric ordering a Negroni. For lunch, I ordered a chicken salad club and Eric ordered a warm shrimp salad. Everything was fresh and delicious as usual. The chicken was warm and delicious, the bread was seared to perfection with butter. Eric’s shrimp salad was to die for! The butter sauce added to the shrimp is probably the best we’ve ever tasted. It was light, yet perfectly portioned to leave you satisfied.

If no one has yet to try Parc, you need to visit because it will blow your mind. Also, Parc will do cakes for any event. Please give them a call. You will not be disappointed. Trust me! Bon Appetite!


Le Parasol




Warm chicken salad club sandwich



Warm shrimp salad



Bon Appetite!