5th Annual Amada Pig Out!

Story by Tiffany DuBois, photos by Eric Morales

On a surprisingly refreshing day in late July, Iron Chef Jose Garces hosted the 5th Annual Amada “Pig Out” at Amada restaurant, located at 217-219 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia Pa. The food was juicy and succulent, the cocktails and amazing bottle of wine gasp worthy, and the people and ambience were incredibly welcoming.

To start our evening, sangrias were in order. Both were incredibly tasty and brought a lovely amount of spice and citrus notes to our individual glasses. Next on the menu was a selection of appetizers which included ensalada verdosa, which had mixed greens, idiazibal cheese, and a sherry shallot vinaigrette, chorizo brochettes drizzled with garlic and parsley, and croquetas de jamon, ham croquettes with romesco.

The second course was endless amounts of suckling pig and unlimited amounts of the grilled green onions with rosemary white beans, herb roasted fingerlings and garbanzos con espinacas. All of it was incredible with the balance of spice and creaminess and how well they paired with the pig and the incredible bottle of wine that we ordered. Which, speaking of wine, our bottle was graciously picked out by Amada’s General manager, Chris Mann. There was a slight issue on the original bottle that we had wanted and Chris fixed the problem. Thank you so much for sharing your story Chris and in letting us have a 2011 Ardevol red. We honestly cannot wait to have it again!

To close out our pig out dinner, dessert was a tarta de manzana, which had apple bacon, caramel, vanilla ice cream, and bacon fat Chantilly. It melted in your mouth! The hot and cold textures, and paired with my cup of coffee, was a perfect way to end our evening.

One thing that I will say is always come hungry, and be prepared to gain weight because no matter what you order, you’ll always want more. Also, take a walk after dinner if you can!

For those of you that haven’t experienced Iron Chef Jose Garces food, you will love it! Every experience is unique and amazing, and you will never have a bad meal. Bon Appetite!


2 different types of sangria. Both delicious!


The Pig Out menu!


Amanda’s wonderful staff preparing for the feast.


The carving of the pig begins!


Separating the meat and the skin. Both were incredible!


Ensalada verdosa.


Croquetas de jamón.


Chorizo brochettes.


Crispy pig skin!


No surprise, the restaurant was at full capacity!


The star of the night. The delicious pig!


3 incredible side dishes to go along with the pig, grilled green onions with rosemary white beans, herb roasted fingerlings and garbanzos con espinacas.


Tarta de manzana! Incredible!


Fantastic bottle of 2011 Ardevol!


Amanda located at 217-219 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106.


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