WHYY: For the Love of Music

When one asks a person what type of music that they like, depending on how old or worldly the individual appears to be, the answer might be rap, rhythm and blues or better yet, classical music. To answer the question of what type of music I like, my preference is for old-world classics: Opera, Big-Band Swing, and a particular favorite, Classical music.

Thursday evening WHYY hosted a three-hour classical music performance at Lenfast Hall, Curtis Institute of Music. This was a refined, classic, and emotionally engaging performance. Being featured was the Zora Quartet, a diverse, passionate and extremely young group that has toured the entire world spreading their love of Haydn and the classics.

Included with the performance was a cocktail reception with passed hors d’oeuvres, wine and a group of people who believe in the arts. Overall, the dinner portion was fantastic. The salad was mixed spring greens with apples, cranberries and goat cheese paired with either a red or white wine. Next came the chicken with mashed potatoes and green beans.  To finish off dinner was a chocolate and whip cream flute of champagne with a sprig of mint to cleanse the palette.

I hope people are not offended by my bluntness, but as a person who loves the arts, it is vitally important that despite the current presidential administration, that we all support the arts and media that report actual news. If even a flicker of uncertainty or confusion is displayed, then we are in much more trouble than I thought. I hope everyone had a good weekend and I look forward to updating everyone on my cooking later today.


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