Before you’re sick breakfast

Everyone knows when they are getting sick. You have a stuffy nose, you’re constantly sneezing, your body starts to ache and you feel like crap. This is how I feel right now. This is the first week of school in my final semester at Delaware County Community College and I’m already coming down with a cold. This sucks in addition to the fact that we have events this weekend at the Barnes Foundation and a lunch on Saturday. Ugh!

So in order to combat any worsening symptoms, you start your sick person remedies as quickly as possible. One, eat spicy food. Two, drink tea with mint, honey, and lemon if you can’t stomach alcohol. And most importantly, three, sweat with exercise. I guarantee you’ll lose a lot more weight because you won’t feel like eating a lot. So this is the “Before You Get Sick Breakfast”. It is not as spice intensive, but there will be a kick of flavor.


  1. Eggs ( like previously mentioned, beat don’t stir the eggs)
  2. Thai Hot finger peppers (mince three pieces and place on small plate)
  3. Green Finger hot peppers (mince one large piece, place on another section of plate)
  4. Truffle (this is an actual whole truffle piece, mince very carefully and place on third section of plate. All omelette ingredients should be separate.)

Add butter to the pan, melt and add eggs. When the eggs are almost fluffy, add minced truffle, green finger hot peppers, then thai hot finger peppers before flipping the omelet side. Cook to your preference (I like mine a little well done) and plate. Now, the main reason I added the truffle’s first is because it will absorb the heat from the hot peppers and it will not douse or lessen the impact of flavor. After plating, add a shaved cheese of your choice on top, and if you can’t take the heat, add ketchup. Now for the drink.

If you can’t stomach alcohol so early in the morning, which most people can’t, make tea. Whatever is in your pantry, brew according to the directions. We have a peach Bellini tea so I made that and added fresh sprigs of mint to the bottom of our french press. Boil water and add to the mix. Wait 5 minutes to let it sit, then press and serve with honey and squeezed lemon juice. Also, since I adhere to the “it’s 5 pm somewhere”, make or finish your traditional margarita!

Bon Appetite and have a good day!



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