Birthday Dinner

Technically it was my sister’s birthday on Thursday the 12th but we did not have time to do anything until last night. Yesterday was MLK Day, which for people of other cultures, this means nothing besides a normal working day. To Americans, this is a day for Civil Rights leaders to influence and actually have a voice in politics and in regards to the treatment and segregation of African Americans and Whites.

But enough about politics. Last night was a celebration of my sister’s 26th birthday with a beautifully cooked, homemade dinner. And not just any home cooked dinner, a mother’s home cooked dinner. It is an awesome and awe-inspiring thing to see, smell, and experience for as long as a mother is alive and well, there will be a home made dinner.

To highlight and, in this case, give a completely biased review, my mother’s fried eggplant and eggplant parmesan was epic. It’s made from scratch and the tomato sauce takes about 12 hours to make. There was also freshly baked bread, a side salad for my brother and a strawberry shortcake bought from the store. A red and white wine paired very nicely with the entire dinner. To my darling mother who can out cook and even intimidate me with her experience and grace, thank you for a perfect dinner.

I hope that this blog, in homage to the best cook in YOUR house, enjoys this read and realizes that we love you and your food.


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