Friday the 13th!

Morning folks, this is Freddy Krueger here! I will terrorize and petrify you this whole day through, so you better watch your back! I’m sorry my darlings, I felt the need to start the day on a slightly creepy note. I am not superstitious, and do not believe in any horror figures. For today, breakfast is a lot lighter with more emphasis on butter and cream and fresh fruit.

Today’s breakfast is:

  1. Scrambled eggs. Only eggs and salted butter were used.
  2. Strawberries and cream. Chop up any remaining strawberries in your fridge and lightly sauté in butter, then heavy whipping cream until the cream thickens. Put in your freezer until it cools off. About 10 minutes should do it.
  3. Coffee! Brew in whatever manner suits you. We use a french press and Puerto Rican coffee.

Bon appetite, and I might also be off the grid this weekend due to a trip to Annapolis, Maryland!


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