Sick person breakfast

Good morning everyone! Today I will be enlightening everyone on one of life’s perils: getting sick! Most people advocate having mild chicken noodle soup, cough syrup, and bundling in every blanket while freezing and heating oneself up. I subscribe to a different philosophy: eat anything spicy and have a hot toddy. To that end, my darling fiancé is the recipient of “The Sick Person Omelette.” This omelette consists of spice, spice, and more spice.


  1. Eggs (3 large eggs, beaten, not stirred in one bowl)
  2. Thai hot finger peppers (9 pieces, minced)
  3. Mint (fresh, minced)
  4. Dill (fresh, minced)
  5. Cilantro (fresh, minced)
  6. Blood Orange Olive oil.

Now mix the herbs, peppers, and olive oil in another bowl. Scramble everything and start cooking eggs in a pan with butter. Add pepper and the herbal mix then flip the omelette. Finish cooking and have a plate of cheese on the side. Bon appetite. I will try not to get sick myself.

Also, if you do a hot toddy, mix 2 double shots of cognac with pure honey, no sugar, and add half a lemon. Microwave for 30 seconds, and drink down immediately. I’ll see everyone later.


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