Di Bruno Brothers and Craftsman Row

Depending on one’s budget, there are plenty of low cost, fantastic places to go get a meal or snack that will taste good and leave a lasting impression on you. Craftsman Row is such a place. My fiancé and I had the opportunity to try this place out and we had a wonderful time eating their food and drinking a few glasses of wine. For the wine, we each had a Zinfandel; very smooth to the tongue, no acidity to detract from the taste, and even after happy hour, only 9 dollars a glass. The food that we tried was a variety of snacks; buffalo wings, truffle fries and meat charcuterie, and after returning from Di Bruno Brothers, a lovely lobster mac and cheese.

My compliments go to the chef, and I give him or her kudos on getting hot food served in a timely manner, plated well, and very tasty. There was nothing that I could complain about. Now normally I don’t go for traditional bar fare but this place was nice and I felt like normal food was a good idea. This brings me to one of my philosophies about food. You do not necessarily need an unpronounceable, complicated dish in order to make yourself superior to another. Good, quality tasting food sends a clearer message about what you like more so than anything else.

Now, in regards to Di Bruno Brothers, they now offer beer, wine, and cheese tastings at their Franklin Building Bottle Shop location every week with a new theme of cheeses and a variety of beer and wine being featured that evening. Overall, a very well executed, good eclectic tastes and many different regions being represented. For last nights tasting, it was a Tour De France theme. You had five different wines being paired with a different appetizer. Jeff was the pourer and had a very good grasp on what paired well, and accepted other peoples critiques very well. Out of this experience, I have a new-found respect for wines of different regions of France.

I sincerely hope that everyone had a lovely and appetizing Tuesday and welcome to Hump Day!


P.S. Later today I will blog on the lunch I made on the fly yesterday and today… 🙂

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