Cling: Why is it wrong or right?

When clinging to ones life or person, what is the meaning of it? Is it the idea that one should or shouldn’t cling to something so tightly that it slips away? Is it like coveting something that you know that you can’t have? Can you explain to me what is so wrong about cling? Good night


Tiffany via Daily Prompt: Cling

3 thoughts on “Cling: Why is it wrong or right?

  1. To me, there is no right or wrong about clinging to something or someone. Some see it as a sign of weakness, for others, it give them strength and/or support. There is nothing wrong with that. It helps define who we are as a person. If you don’t like that definition, you can certainly make changes in your life and change who you are.
    Personally, I cling to certain things and people because they make me happy and make my life more enjoyable. The idea of clinging is a personal one, and one that only an individual can decide if it’s right or wrong.

  2. Cling means To hold tightly to something. I agree with erm1880 that it’s not necessarily a bad thing. people cling onto things that they care for and feel a connection to. But just as in nutrition, I believe moderation is key.

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