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Good morning everyone! For today’s blog, I am featuring three lovely and incredibly talented organizations, Parc, Wolfgang Puck, and Con Murphy’s! Now for any food critic or lover, the name Wolfgang Puck is well known and incredibly tasty. Puck’s catering was the featured food distributor at Hair of the Dog, an annual affair in Philadelphia, PA. This year it was hosted at The Fillmore.

Not to criticize Wolfgang Puck, but some of the food could have been better prepared. For example, the pasta salad was a tad salty and was not inspiring enough for me to get a recipe for it. The passed hors d’ourves were my highlight of the evening. The mini cheeseburgers were juicy, hot and incredibly moist. The aioli was a perfect balance of spice and savory. Out of the main course, the braised short rib was absolutely delicious and unfortunately my fiancé never got to try it, which I’m sorry for because it was fantastic! The Asian salad was crispy and fresh, and the little chocolate tarts were to die for. Cocktails were overall pretty well made (I’ve had better), and the service was pretty good for the sold out event.

Now earlier in the day I didn’t want to cook breakfast so I had made a reservation for brunch at Parc. Parc is nestled on the corner of 18th and Locust streets at Rittenhouse Square Park. If you want an experience that you will be raving about regardless of what time you go, what day you pick, and never, EVER send back a plate, please come to Parc. The service is impeccable, the food by Executive Chef William Quinn is unparalleled, and you get served bottles of wine that you wind up taking a picture of because you want the wine at home, this is the place to go. For Saturday’s brunch, my fiancé and I ordered the Lorraine Mimosa, I will not tell you the ingredients for this because you need to go : ), and later the Mocha Hazelnut coffee, which is to die for because there is shaved dark chocolate that is melted right on top! Along with an appetizer of Oatmeal Brûlée, which makes me miss eating oatmeal, along with a lovely asparagus, poached eggs, a delicious beurre blanc sauce and a perfectly crunchy and toasted crostini that makes one think that they have died and gone to heaven. This is also in addition to my main course of poached eggs, beautifully runny after cracking it open. Mom you would love these! As well as perfectly cooked potatoes, sausage, and brioche toast. I hope everyone gets to have brunch, breakfast, lunch, and dinner at this place. Also, we have a friend, Miss Lauren, that is one of the sweetest managers at Parc. If you ever read this blog post, know that you seriously made my day when I got to meet William in the kitchen. As a side note, I love steak. The only place that from the first slice to the last bite, no matter how long it takes to eat it, it stays at perfect temperature.

To conclude today’s blog, Con Murphy’s is on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway inside the Embassy Suites hotel. Their brunch is also very tasty. Good sized portions, a very friendly staff, and awesome service. Food comes to you very well prepared and you never need to send back a plate. Price wise it is pretty reasonable, kind of like going to Olive Garden on Baltimore Pike in Springfield PA, but getting serviced like you’re at Max Brenner in Center City. Awesome burgers if you’re into meat. Con Murphy’s has a great Irish Breakfast, lovely omelettes and a great Pomegranate Mimosa. For our post HOD (Hair of the Dog) experience, we ordered the  Pomegranate Mimosas, and Baileys Irish Coffee, along with an American Breakfast (pesto potatoes, sausage links, scrambled eggs with cheddar, and rye toast), asparagus, ham, and feta omelette, also with pesto potatoes.

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend and I’ll be posting a new blog tomorrow featuring the Pyramid Club. Happy Monday!



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