Tango Dinner

Evening peeps! Tonight if you are in the Philadelphia center city area, The Barnes Foundation is hosting a 3 part dance series: Tango, Swing, and Salsa! Unfortunately (NOT) only one of the three dances is slated for tonight, Tango!

I’m not that disappointed though. For tonight’s Argentinian themed evening, I decided to do a grilled red snapper with bok choy. Now I should warn you, I don’t do the traditional seasoning for snapper and I certainly don’t do a normal bok choy. As previously mentioned, I LOVE my spice! For tonight, I tempered my spice with a hint of sweetness. Behold! My Red Snapper Marinade!

  1. Red Snapper (skin to casserole dish first, flip after marinade is complete and before storing in fridge.)
  2. Fennel (fresh herb section, no stem)
  3. Chives (Fresh)
  4. Dill (Fresh)
  5. Thai hot peppers (9 pieces, whole) (To be added separately to cream sauce later)
  6. Curly parsley (fresh)
  7. Teriyaki sauce (eyeball it!)
  8. Dark Soy sauce (eyeball it again)
  9. Ginger Sriracha Sauce ( Drop small amounts per snapper fillet, eyeball it!)
  10. Carne Asada Marinade ( I recommend doing the same thing as the Ginger Sriracha sauce, pour with a finger attached to the top)
  11. 1 whole lemon, drain it suckas! (No pulp or skin please! Unless you like sour more than spicy?)
  12. 6 sliced strawberries added last. (Brings a brightness to the forefront.)

Sauce from Red Snapper Marinade:

  1. Thai Hot Peppers
  2. Strawberries
  3. Juice of marinade (Teriyaki, Soy, Lemon juice/Sauces)
  4. Heavy Whipping Cream

Blend until you achieve a puree of sweet creaminess. Plate alongside the snapper that should already have been grilled to perfection (about 6 minutes per side, flip every minute and the snapper cooks faster ).

Bok Choy Side Dish

  1. Teriyaki sauce
  2. 1/2 red onion
  3. Shallot (1 finely chopped) NOTE: red onion and shallots are in separate bowls.
  4. 1 Lime (squeeze half the juice into each onion mix.
  5. Green Bell pepper (Finely chopped, half in shallot mix, other half in red onion)
  6. 6 strawberries sliced.

Strawberries are the first ingredient besides the teriyaki sauce on the bok choy. Add shallot, green pepper, and lime juice mixture to bok choy second. Grill bok choy and put in new serving dish. I recommend for dinner that you add a Merlot to balance the spicy with the sweet.

With the red onion, green pepper and lime mixture, cook in heated skillet pan and top off fluffy scrambled eggs for breakfast. I hope everyone gets to make this soon and have a good weekend!


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