When I was about 21, I moved from my little hometown of Philadelphia, PA to Pittsburgh, PA. I wanted a new life for myself without the stigma of everyone knowing me and I was pursuing a degree in business. I did not know how to cook. I had never really had an interest in cooking besides eating my mothers and step-father’s food. I would “watch” them make these fantastic dishes and to an extent, I would remember what ingredients they used, how long it took to make something, and feel accomplished if it tasted the same when I made it.

I didn’t initially start experimenting with different foods until my later 20’s. I can now confidently cook duck breast and steaks with the knowledge of balancing two very simple concepts: spice and non-spice!

One of my very simple rules is, “balancing the level of spice with non-spice to create a memorable meal.” For example, when making a simple poached egg with a spicy sauce on top, it is very tasty. The trick is to not season the egg at all. Your topping is the spice. I once did a simple jalapeño with Italian seasoning and added grated cheese for balance. The egg itself was poached in a truffle olive oil because butter melts to quickly and you need to have the eggs cook for between 4-6 minutes depending on how big the egg is. If you want a spicy omelette for example, add fresh hot peppers with your onions and green bell peppers for an awesome amount of heat.  You can add dry spices to the egg yolks themselves before beating them to a pulp.

Hope this brings out a more creative way of eating and always remember to balance everything. Happy Cooking!



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